Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Beautiful Beacon in the Back Garden

In the middle of the Rose Field, on an arch near the middle of the center aisle, is a beacon of a red rose that cannot be ignored. 

This rose was sold to me as 'Noella Nabonnand', a climbing Tea rose that was introduced in 1901.  Keeping with the theme that I started yesterday (roses I grow that turned out to be something other than what they're labeled), it appears that this rose is really a climbing Hybrid Tea rose from 1938 named 'Marie Nabonnand'.  I read that these two roses are often confused in commerce.  The description of 'Marie Nabonnand' seems to most accurately describe my rose.

No matter what the correct identification is, I love this rose!  It is big and bright and vigorous, and it holds the record among my reblooming roses for being the first rose to reach the top of its arch.

Like the roses I featured yesterday, this rose has WAY more flowers per square foot than average ... and it is such a stunning, cherry red color!

I tried to propagate this rose last year, but all my cuttings of it died.  I plan to try again, because this rose is too good to keep to myself.

If you are planning to visit during my Spring Open House on Saturday, you can see for yourself how beautiful this rose is  ... and plenty of others that are blooming right now. 

Most of the roses aren't even in full bloom yet.  There are still TONS more yet to come.


  1. So gorgeous... waiting for scratch and sniff screen to be implemented on your blog!


  2. amazing!! how interesting that it gets confused in commerce- glad you solved the mystery!!


    p.s. how are the wedding plans coming?!

  3. Gorgeous roses! Aren't the roses spectacular this year?

  4. Definite eye catching color!

  5. that is so pretty!
    perfect! it reminds me of the summer days to come!
    take care,

  6. That rose has star quality power! It is beautiful and what profuse blooms! Love it!;>) Diana

  7. I received Marie instead of Noella, too, but my Marie would not rebloom. I loved her beautiful long, pointed buds, and her damask fragrance was to die for, but only one flush meant she had to go. Mine was not as fast a grower as yours, but maybe that's because I moved her twice. Duh. Does yours have a strong damask scent? She definitely likes your garden, Connie.

  8. I would like to take some cuttings and see if i can bud it on Multiflora. Rick

  9. That does look amazing! Lovely photos!


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