Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird,

Your overly-protective style of parenting is completely unnecessary.  Before your babies hatched, you would sit on your wire and hiss and squawk at me ... warning me to stay away.  I was okay with that.


After the babies hatched, your defense methods took on a much more menacing tone.  This is my yard and I don't appreciate having birds dive at my head.  I was only working in my rose bed.  I know it's your babies' bed, too, but I wasn't anywhere near the bush where they were sleeping.


As your babies have grown, so has your defensive attitude.  At first, I couldn't get near the flowerbed where the nest was.  Then, you took possession of that whole corner of the front yard ... hovering over my head and warning me of imminent blindness if I didn't back off.  At least I have a second or two every couple of days to snap baby pictures while you two are off hunting bugs.


Now that you have taken complete possession of most of the north half of the front yard, I must ask that you cease and desist.  It has gotten to the point where our whole family must endure your Shock and Awe tactics whenever we go over to a car that is parked on that side of the driveway.  Flying at our daughter the way you did yesterday, when her only crime was coming out the front door, was beyond the call of duty.


Because of your psycho protectiveness, and for the safety of visitors during tomorrow's Open Garden event, I am going to have to rope off a large portion of the front garden.  Hopefully, you will allow us to enjoy the roses from a distance.

Your Landlord


  1. OMG.. I'm laughing!!.. Sorry!!... that last picture is a riot and your post is hysterical.

    I'm sorry you're encountering this during an open house!!....


  2. All you daughter needs right before her wedding... a run in with flying beaks and claws!
    Great photos. I love the 'Edgar Allen Poe' look of the last!

  3. Have the eviction proceedings begun yet?! Yikes, glad I was there "before" the shock and awe really got in to full swing! You know me and birds...we don't get along so well.

    Good luck this weekend, and may it be dive bomb free!!

    Kat :)

  4. I had an encounter with a momma blue bird dive bombing at my head a few years ago. She left me stumbling backwards, and I ended up on my rear end.

    I feel your pain.

  5. I guess you could pass out Hartwood helmets?
    While I understand their reason, I don't appreciate the tactics.
    We've got Blue Jays threatening to take off our heads.

  6. Had the same thing happening around here, a couple of weeks ago. All is safe and sound, now. Ours didn't last long and I'm not sure something happened or what. I found the nest, but it's too high for me to access. I'm not risking a step ladder, for obvious reason.

    Wonder photos, Connie! Especially the last one.

  7. Overly protective indeed!

    We had some Carolina Wrens that were not protective enough. They would allow us to look into the nest at the eggs and then the babies but the babies aren't there anymore. I believe a snake got them *sad*. They should have been dive-bombing the snake!

  8. Yikes! I always thought that bluejays were the vicious ones :(

  9. Connie, thanks
    for the chuckles!
    I think it was
    very civil for you
    to send them a
    written message,
    considering their
    rude treatment!!
    Good luck with
    the open house!
    xx Suzanne

  10. I would say Hard Hat area and make everyone don hard hats...oh and maybe those goggle thingys for their eyes...and maybe some metal sheathing for the other parts of the body. okay...I guess you are right- Just rope the darned area off and be done with it. Besides, hard hats are NOT cheap! Love your pictures- xxoo Diana

  11. Oh, I hope they behave during your event tomorrow! Those babies have really grown. Soon they'll be out of the nest and maybe the wars will cease!

  12. *snicker* Just love this :)

    We had a Bluejay like this last year. Our old cat Gus just wanted to lay in his yard and pass time. Darn Bluejay
    kept dive bombing him until he was bald! Seriously, the bird pulled out all of his hair on his head!!
    Gus, who is couple french fries short of a Happy Meal, just didn't get it!
    I finally kept the poor guy in until all the birdies flew away!

    Thank you so very much for all your sweet comments for my Annie! I appreciate it so much!

    Good luck at the open house!! Cannot wait to see the pics :)
    xo, misha

  13. What a cute post and beautiful pictures!

  14. So cute~ Love Mother Natures critters!!! Great photos!!!

  15. Oh this gave me such a chuckle to read, you are so clever Connie! And I see by reading your most recent post that all is well for your open house! I just love all your sweet photos of them. And I have to say that last image was an awesome capture. ~Lili

  16. Ha! This story made me have a good long laugh :)

  17. Hilarious!! I absolutely know the feeling. There is a mockingbird nest in a hedge at the corner of our yard. I can't even mow anywhere close to that area. That Mama bird is psycho!!

  18. We too have aggressive mockingbirds! They dive at all of us people and our dogs. And, they go after every type of bird that comes into our yard. That did it for me. They love privets so we cut down their favorite nesting privets last fall. Now they love the hollies along the fence. Seriously, they have frightened my nephews to the point that we are now hosing them whenever they come near. Good luck with those bad birds :)

  19. We have a nest of mockingbirds on my golden showers right on the porch! The babies are big now, almost ready to fledge. Momma is used to us (although DH had to give up his seat near the nest) as she had a nest in the holly next to the porch last year. However this morning my old man cat decided to take a stroll outside and momma went berserk. Nothing to fear, old man wasn't interested and went back inside. I hope they fledge soon.

  20. Vey,very funny.Having been in the front yard at your home, I know your situation well.However I have a nesting pair in my "Champney's Pink Cluster and they are completely docile around me.I do not linger around them long however. Rick


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