Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Promise of Spring in the Greenhouse

Now that the days are longer, growth on the roses in the greenhouse is really picking up speed.  Even though the weather outside is cold and damp, the inside of the greenhouse is warm and protected.  The roses are growing big and healthy, and they are ready to move up to their final, half-gallon pots.

This is Abraham Darby, ready to go into his new pot.

I am really pleased with all of the healthy root growth!

Last month, it was easy to see the individual cuttings in their little pots in trays on the greenhouse shelves.

Photo taken on March 4.

Look how much larger they are now!!

Photo taken March 29.

A few of the roses have even produced buds ... which I should have snapped off to encourage the plants to put their energy toward growing leaves and roots, but I didn't have the heart to do it.  My soul is tired from the long cold winter, and blooming flowers are just what the Dr. ordered ... even if it's a little bit ahead of the season in the greenhouse.

I found this flower on Pink Joy, hanging over the edge of the pot.

This bud on Mutabilis is almost ready!

If tomorrow is sunny, which will warm the greenhouse and make it comfortable to work out there, I will continue to work on repotting the roses. 

My greenhouse isn't large enough to hold all of the roses in these larger containers, so I'm going to do as many as I can ... starting with the ones that REALLY need it right now.  I will do the rest as soon as it's finally warm enough to transition them to outdoor conditions.


  1. It's strange, but I think American roses look very different than English roses. It's not the size, but I can't figure out what exactly the difference I'm noticing is.

  2. Wow, those are healthy root systems!

  3. They all look so healthy! I wouldn't be able to cut the flower buds off either. My Abraham Darby had a rough winter and isn't looking so good, I finally noticed a couple of tiny bits of new growth.

  4. The roses are so healthy! You will have a bumper crop this year:)

    I wouldn't have the heart to pinch the buds/flowers either.

  5. Wow Connie, what beautiful plants. They look so healthy. My outdoor roses are just now breaking out in bud, but it might snow tomorrow. I can't wait until our order arrives later this spring. Best Regards, John

  6. So glad you let those little buds stay on the vine so to speak. The two roses I bought from you last year are looking SO good, I can't wait to see them bloom this spring and summer!

    I hope you get your sunshine tomorrow, today sure was gloomy and cold!

    Kat :)

  7. That is some dramatic growth! Hope you get your warmer weather, before those things completely overtake the greenhouse!

  8. Ah, a new crop of roses! I picture them flying out of your nursery to gardens everywhere, creating more and more love for roses, nice healthy roses.

  9. Awe.....your roses look so healthy & beautiful! i was out in the garden today planting some recent rose purchases! Wish i could visit your rose farm....i love antique roses! xoox, Tracie

  10. I wouldn't cut the buds off either... this has been one tough winter. You've got your work cut out for you!... but oh the joys of a warm greenhouse with that earthy smell and feel. *love*

  11. Winter here has been long gone since Feb. but we have had some much cooler temps with all the rain we have had all week. My roses are full of buds, and the one that have bloomed are balling due to the cold wet weather! They are smaller that due to the colder weather? At least on Mrs B R Cant I noticed her first blloms are small, but she is balling too.

    I do hope spring come soon to those in NE too, my aunt and uncle from MA are flying down here tomorrow and they just got more snow...they said it could get as much as 10"!! At least you have your greenhouse to retreat to...I wouldn't have cut that bloom off either!

  12. Dear Connie, Your roses look wonderful, especially to someone with a snow-covered garden yet. Oh, I do hope mine have survived this horrible winter. P. x

  13. It's cold and cloudy and windy here ... the only thing we're missing is your snow, Pam. I hoped to work in the greenhouse potting roses this afternoon, but the cloud cover has kept the greenhouse temperature too chilly to be putting my hands into damp potting mix. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

  14. Oh, how wonderful to have so many wonderful roses! I think it is so neat how you have collected so many! I LOVE the photos of the driveway you used to have lined with pots! I am the same way - build it and they will come, right?! Keep up the great work!


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