Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Light a Candle

Laurie, a blog friend over at Heaven's Walk, lost Tessa, her dog and dear companion, over the weekend.

Please take time to go visit and see the lovely photos she has posted as a tribute.  You may need a tissue.

Run free, dear Tessa.  Your mommy loves you and is secure in the belief that you two will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Special family members, like Tessa, will always be remembered lovingly, and missed greatly.  Hug your fur babies ... Alice and Dorothy are in my lap right now, helping me with this post.


  1. This made me miss Charlie brown, Bootsy, and Rose...

    The fact that we can so deeply connect with animals is pretty amazing to me.

    What a great gift...

  2. Oak Leaves is right. The connection is profound and, even when our dog and cat friends pass, they are never really gone.

  3. Loosing them is the hardest part of loving them :-(

  4. Thank you for directing us to Tessa. It is just the hardest thing to lose a beloved pet, just heartbreaking. They are each unique and love us no matter what. Love your kitties. Ann

  5. Oh Connie.....I was going down my sidebar to see who had posted recently and if I had missed anyone, and I just came across yours.

    I was a puddle of tears after reading it. How can I ever thank you not only for taking the time to share my sweet Tessa's passing on your post, but to share in my grief and sadness as well. You're words comforted me and your friendship embraced me. You are such a blessing. Thank you... ♥

    xoxo laurie

  6. Rest in peace dear Tessa! Run free! God Bless. Thank for you sharing... my prayers are with your friend.

  7. I read Laurie's post about Tessa and it broke my heart. Our pets are such special beings, but you already know that my friend!


  8. Oh my, my condolences go out to Laurie. I wish Tessa peace and happiness where ever she may be. I lost my dog Bagel on December 23, and this day has been saddened and with me for all the years he has been gone. I know how Laurie feels, and I hope the best for her.

  9. Connie, My heart goes out to Laurie. Pets become our family and the loss is heartbreaking. I know this from experience.

  10. Beyond a shadow of doubt, those who have gone on before will greet me when I reach heaven. That means everyone, two and four legged beloved by God and me.
    I grieve for her loss, especially at Christmas.


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