Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello, Winter ... Bye-bye, Roses.

Our weird warm temperatures are a thing of the past, as a cold-weather system swept in during the day yesterday ... bringing a dose of winter that is expected to stick around, and signalling the official end of the growing season.  This morning, as I wandered to the kitchen to refill my coffee cup, I noticed that everything outside was wearing a beautiful coating of frost.  Before the sun came up, I was outside with my camera to see what I could capture. 

'Maria Stern'

'Mrs. Wakefield Christy-Miller'

The grass, the leaves, the trees, and the roses all looked like they had been coated with sugar.  It was incredibly beautiful!

This fallen bud came from 'Schoener's Nutkana', one of my favorite roses and a ONCE BLOOMER.  Our hot, dry summer must have put it into some sort of dormancy (mimicking what happens over the winter, perhaps?)  and it has been producing the odd flower here and there since the heat subsided in September.

'Curly Pink'

Look how beautiful magnolia pods are when covered with frost!  I will be harvesting some of these really soon, and some sprigs of magnolia leaves, for Christmas decorating.

Even weeds, fallen leaves, and dead roses have an artistic look about them when they're covered with ice crystals.

The whole time I was outside (which wasn't a very long time since it is COLD), this big hawk sat in one of the oak trees keeping an eye on me.

As the sun rose, and sunlight touched the roses, the ice began to melt ... even though the temperature was still well below freezing.  I hurried to capture a final few frozen blossoms.


"Evona's Yellow"

No work outside for me today.  I have inside projects to finish. (I'll probably be ready to show you what I'm working on, with a tutorial or two, in a couple of weeks.)

Here's one more frozen rose for you.

'Sunny South'


  1. The cold finally got to my 'new dawn' this morning as well.... its cool we were doing the same thing around the same time this morning... i guess great minds think alike?

  2. I love this sort of weather. Those photos are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful photos.. be still, my frozen heart :-)

  4. Really lovely photos. I love how the frost does look like sugar!

  5. I think there will be a time (very soon) where I'm going to actually miss seeing frost on roses. We received 5" of snow yesterday! UGH! Your photos are just stunning, as usual, Connie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Your photos are so beautiful ... breathtaking! Thank you so much for posting them. Greetings from snow-covered Germany - Hugs, Lola

  7. The roses are absolutely gorgeous! Frost and all. Lovely post.

  8. Absolutely exquisite pictures. The roses are so beautiful with their "sugar coating" but it also breaks my heart that they are gone until the spring.
    Your pictures are absolutely fabulous!
    I have been working long, long hours so I need to read back through some of your recent posts that I missed. I love visiting your wonderful blog.

  9. Kinda sad, isn't it? To see our roses go dormant. I guess its dormancy with a promise: I'll be back with a big show in the spring.. I can live with that. It gives me time to figure out where I am going to place more roses!

  10. What sad roses... the cycle of life goes on, doesn't it. They sure make beautiful little frosty photos though.



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