Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hostessing the Christmas Candlelight Tour

Every year, Fredericksburg holds their Candlelight Tour of Homes on the second weekend in December.  The featured houses are always in the historic downtown area, within walking distance of each other, and they are filled with beautiful holiday decorations.  Today, The Husband and I were among the guides at one of the houses on the tour ... he was outside giving the history of the house and details of the architecture, and I was telling tour guests about the items in the library.

As we arrived for our shift this morning, I asked the homeowner if she would mind if I took a few photos of her decorations ... she gratiously agreed.  All of these photos are taken with my Canon Elph using available light, so please forgive the quality.  Concentrate instead on the beautiful decorations and the incredibly homey quality of this room.

Every year, the family goes to the country and cuts a Virginia Pine for their Christmas Tree.  I love the airy, Charlie Brown quality of this tree ... and the way it showcases the family's ornaments.

This portrait is of a Revolutionary War-era ancestor.  You can count on seeing a hint of these lovely mantel decorations at my place during the next week.

Such wonderful vignettes!  An antique walnut table, a Santa from Texas, a nautical painting of French ships, and antique chairs with needlepoint pug pillows blend together beautifully.

My three-hour shift flew by, as I related my information ... elaborating on it as necessary, of course.  I love to do things like this, and I am very grateful to Miss Katherine for asking us to help with the tour.

Today was rainy, so it was a lousy day for camera equipment outside.  Later this week, if I get a chance, I plan to take the dogs downtown for a walk and I will see if I can get some good photos of the beautiful outdoor decorations.


  1. I love touring older homes like that. For some reason the regular tour like that near here didn't happen this year. Bummer.

  2. These homes are beautiful -My husband and childrena and I lived in Culpeper for 10 years . We of course always did the Christmas tour there too
    I love the tree they used too -just makes it all te more homey . thanks for sharing these great pictures

  3. I really enjoyed the tour. What a lovely home and beautiful decor. I too love this type of tree. It works great with delicate and antique ornaments. I am glad the owner gave you permission.

    I just went on a tour of homes this past week and could not get permission to publish my photos. So sad, because they were all older homes with gorgeous decorating.

  4. What a great house. Their christmas decor is even of the revolutionary period. Great post.

  5. Welcoming hundreds of guests is SOOO much work for these homeowners, and I am infinitely thankful that they do it for us. I was honored to have been asked to Hostess.

    I had to miss the Culpeper Christmas Tour this year, and I'm just sick about it! There were a couple of houses that I was dying to see ... Wisteria and The Rectory were tops on my list. Hopefully, there will be another chance. I can wait.

    I have often wanted to decorate small ratty pine trees and put them in the urns beside my front porth. Maybe next year.

    Chris, you would have loved theme of the descriptions for this house. This house, and the family that lived there at the time, were specifically mentioned in writings of Union soldiers during the Battle of Fredericksburg, which was going on exactly 148 years ago TO THE DAY. Our guests were fascinated as we took them back in time with the stories we were given to tell them.

  6. This library is beautiful. What a fun day to be able to hostess a wonderful tour like this. The decor is lovely and I'm sure you had a great time speaking with all the visitors. I adore touring old homes. I'm so glad the owner gave you permission to take pictures so that we could also enjoy the tour.


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