Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Through the Eyes of Others

I had a visit from a fellow Fredericksburg blogger on Friday afternoon.  Kathie Abercrombie (a local realtor and a very nice person) discovered my roses online and wanted to feature them on her blog.
This is "Old Gray Cemetery Noisette".  It has nothing at all to do with the subject of this post, but I couldn't possibly put something here without also posting pretty pictures.

 Kathie spent about an hour and a half here, and we walked the gardens and chatted the whole time.  She asked questions about the roses and the property, and I answered her the best I could. 

Duchesse de Brabant in Hollywood Cemetery.

The article that Kathie wrote about my roses and nursery is WONDERFUL!!  I am always amazed at the way a real writer can take a rambling conversation and turn it into a cohesive article.  Reading it made me blush.

"Frommer Plot Rose", also in Hollywood Cemetery.

Thank you, Kathie!!  I look forward to visiting with you again.

In case you didn't see it linked twice in the text of this post, CLICK HERE to read Kathie's article.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. I agree, that's a great article, and your photos really complete the piece.

  2. What a wonderful article!! I really need to make a trip down there and see those gorgeous gardens for myself :)

  3. Beautiful roses and photos. How wonderful to have an article written. Congrats.


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