Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Musings ... Memorial Day, and other stuff

(all of the rose photos in this post today were taken yesterday during a wonderful visit to my friend Nick's garden in Maryland.  His garden is what my garden wants to be when it grows up.)

I am an Army Brat.  (My husband will not hesitate to tell you that I most resemble the second part of this term.)  When I was growing up, my father, all of my friends' fathers (and some of the mothers) donned olive drab uniforms and went to work.  Home for us was wherever the Department of Defense told us it would be ... sometimes in the US, sometimes in a foreign country.  I am thirty years removed from this lifestyle now, having lived a civilian life since I married in 1980.

Memorial Day is personal for military families.  We all know someone whose father (or mother, or brother, or son) gathered up their gear, got onto a plane bound for a foreign war zone, and never returned.  Our family was spared this heartbreak ... I mourn for families who were not so blessed.

On days like today, I am reminded of parts of my former-military life.  A bugle playing 'Taps' or a 21-Gun Salute are guaranteed to make me cry.

Friday night, we had dinner at the Greek Festival with friends.  On our way home, I got a call from our next door neighbor, saying that there had been a terrible accident in front of our house and that the road was closed. 

The car was full of young people, leaving a party about a mile from our house.  The driver was speeding and he/she (I don't know which) misjudged the blind curve in front of our house.  We were told that the car flipped several times before it hit the power pole across the street.  Everyone in the car was taken to the hospital alive, but I do not know their current condition.  I will probably never know.

The power company arrived very quickly, to begin the process of replacing the damaged pole and restoring our electrical service.  When I got up at daylight the next morning, they were still here.

The opening of my nursery on Saturday was such a great day.  We had a steady stream of people, but not so many that anyone felt hurried or neglected.  Visitors walked the gardens, making lists of roses that they loved, and shopping from the ones I have available for sale.  Two friends came to help, to write sales and cashier so my only responsibility was to answer questions ... LOTS of questions.  It was a good day.

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!!  Be sure to hug your family, remind your children to be safe when they drive, and thank a veteran for their service and sacrifice.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. Oh Rose, thank you for sharing your post today and you'll have to indulge us and tell us more about your military life. I am so sorry about the wreck outside of your home, that is so sad! Congratulations on have a great opening at your nursery.

    Have a good day.


  2. Very nice post. Glad opening day went well. You may be able to find out more about the wreck if you search online.

  3. Your roses are beautiful. I am a military wife (retired) - the only life I have known since I was 16 was the military life, first having lived it then working on base for 28 years. I so appreciate what our young men and women are doing but I ache for those families that have suffered loss.

    Congratulations on the opening of your nursery. I look forward to more photos.

  4. I am glad everything went well for your opening, it is still a challenging time to be a business person. Memorial Day is a big deal down here, as you likely know it is a major force in Hampton Roads, and I am glad to say the people do remember.

  5. A post on your military life would be very interesting! When you find the time, and perhaps the inspiration.

    I am so sorry to hear of the wreck in front of your house. I hope all who were involved will survive and move on with life. My daughter had a terrible car accident four years ago, I know that horror. We are one of the lucky ones.

  6. *applauding the successful opening of your nursery*

    So sorry to hear about the young ones having the accident. In youth we all feel we are invincible and will live through anything. Hope they all walk away from the hospital.

    Take care.


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