Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunset Over the Winery

Last night, as the sun went down over the woods beyond the winery next door, the sky was so beautiful.  It reminded me of the burning of Atlanta scene from Gone With the Wind.  I snapped photo after photo, and each one was more colorful than the one before it.  This was one my favorite.

I'm going outside to water my pots now.  I had hoped that Mother Nature would do it for me overnight ... no such luck.

Go over and visit with Karen at This Old House 2.  Her family said good-bye to their beloved Rottie last night, and I'm sure she could use the company.

(Written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. Great sunset shot! We have trees on the western side of our property so we have to stand up on the second floor deck and take what view we can get.

    Really, need some rain, don't we?


  2. Beautiful sunset! Poor Karen. I love that girl and feel her pain, more than words can express.

  3. Such a beautiful picture! It has been so hot I hear my poor plants crying in the middle of the day. Time for some water now that it is cooler.

    So sorry for Karen's loss. We do love our furbabies!

  4. Connie, your sunset picture is beautiful! I caught just the tail end of that same beautiful sunset at my house last night!

    I was so sorry to hear about Karen's loss...I hope her family is doing ok! You know how I feel about dogs!



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