Wednesday, May 12, 2010

White Wednesday Roses!!

My favorite day-of-the-week feature is back!!  I love white roses, and blogging about white roses is almost as good as seeing them in the garden.

For my first White Wednesday of the season, let's make one more stop in Lynchburg, to see some of the white roses that grow in the Old City Cemetery.

Aglaia, Hyb. Multiflora, 1896.

Technically, Aglaia is pale yellow (it's also known as Yellow Rambler).  The flowers start yellow, and they quickly fade to a beautiful ivory white.  I have been searching for this rose for two years, and no one had it for sale.  The lovely ladies at the Rose Festival last Saturday knew how much I wanted it, and they set the last one aside for me.  Now I just have to decide where to put it.

Sir Thomas Lipton, Hyb. Rugosa, 1900.

I love this rose!  It was one of the very first ones I bought for the garden, when I started buying roses in 2002.  The poor thing lived in a pot until two years ago.  It has settled into its anchor position on the row of rugosas in the Rose Field, and it's blooming its head off right now.  The American Rose Society, however, does not love this rose ... saddling it with a pitiful rating that it doesn't deserve.

Blanc Double de Coubert, Hyb. Rugosa, 1893.

I don't grow this rose ... yet. Hybrid Rugosas are so carefree, and this one is wonderful.  I will be adding this to my collection if the VERY near future.

Frau Karl Druschki, Hyb. Perpetual, 1901.

In old rose books, Frau Karl Druschki is mentioned as one of the very best white roses EVER.  Her only flaw is that she has no fragrance ... which I can overlook, because she is so beautiful.

Fortuniana, Hyb. Banksia, 1840.

Fortuniana is a lovely almost-evergreen climber, that covers itself with clusters of delicate, papery flowers every spring.  Our friends in Florida are probably most familiar with this rose as a root stock.  It is fragrant, and worth garden space on its own merits.

Madame Plantier, Hybrid Alba, 1835.

Madame Plantier may be one of the most perfect white roses.  Light green foliage, trailing/mounding habit, fragrance, and THORNLESS.  Who doesn't love a pure white rose with that cute little green pip in the center?

Sombruiel, Large-flowered climber, c. 1950's

This rose was once thought to be a climbing Tea from the 1880's, but it isn't.  It's also been called Colonial White ... having a rose with two names confuses everyone.  (There is a climbing tea known as Mlle de Sombruiel, also known as La Biche, which makes this really confused.)  Whatever it is, this rose is fragrant and vigorous, and a great addition to one of the pillars on my Arcade.

Silver Moon, Rambler, 1910.

I'll wrap it up this week with one of my favorites, Silver Moon.  It is a product of one of my favorite hybridizers (Dr. Walter Van Fleet) and I grow it in a prominent spot at the end of the Rambler Fence.  The ones at the Cemetery are in full bloom, and mine is just now getting started. 


If you're local, and you want to come visit the roses in full bloom, I'm opening the garden this Sunday (May 16) from noon to 4:00.  The roses are early this year, and I'm afraid that many will be finished if I wait till the nursery opens on May 29.

The front Hybrid Tea beds, as seen from the front porch.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. So glad you commented (and so nicely) so I could find you! Love your roses!

  2. Your beds are absolutely gorgeous! Im going to try to come up there this weekend to see them in person!

  3. Glad to see white roses again, too!!! B e a u t i f u l

  4. Stunning! I don't think I could pick a favorite - each has its own personality..

  5. Beautiful white roses!! I enjoyed every one of them! Wish I could visit your Rose Garden!

  6. I love white roses too, and have Sir Robert Lipton, Rugosa alba, and Sombrueil. The Mme Plantier looks divine. Beautiful picture of your Hybrid Tea garden. I wish I was closer, or I'd come to your open house.


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