Saturday, June 27, 2009


I used this set-up to propagate the roses we have for sale this year.

Mist Rack

It holds 12 flats under a mist line, and it was easy to find a sheltered spot for it outside. This year, I have to propagate at least twice as many roses as I did last year, so this even close to large enough to do the job.

After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with this:

Propagation Bench

20 concrete blocks for the legs (free, via an ad on Craigslist), 4 sturdy shipping pallets for the top (Craigslist, again), hoops of flexible PVC pipe, held in place with screw-in pipe clamps, ½” electrical conduit to hold the mist line, a handful of cable ties … and we now have a propagation bench that can hold WAY more than last year … maximum capacity is 36 flats with 36 pots in each flat ... which equals a whole lot of cuttings! And it was almost free, which is the best price I know.

I have already been taking cuttings of everyone’s Wish List roses. Look on the web site for the list of roses in the garden to see what we grow here. There just might be one that you’re dying to have … let me know what it is, and I’ll add it to my propagation list. Leave me a message here, or send an email via the web site.


  1. Hi Connie. I like your set-up. What type mister heads are you using? I found some really inexpensive ones online at

    These spit out 0.8 GPH. After ordering, I think I remember seeing some that put out less volume. Think I may try them later.

    Here are pics of my 1st rooted cuttings. Just put them in pots last weekend.

    Great reading your blog.



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