Saturday, June 13, 2009

Propagation Workshop.

I answer a lot of questions when I talk to people about roses. One of the most common questions is, “How do you root roses?” (Another question is, “What do I do about Japanese Beetles?” We’ll talk about that some other time.) If you’d like to learn propagate roses yourself, join us on June 27th, at 9:00 am, for our first Propagation Workshop. The cost is $20.00, and all materials and supplies are included.

Participants will learn exactly how to take cuttings. (Jeanne Lajoie, a miniature climber by the front fence, must move to another bed, so we are going to use her for our example.)

Jeanne Lajoie

You’ll learn how and where the roots form. We’ll discuss rooting hormones and planting media. AND you will leave here with cuttings in a pot, ready to grow their own roots. Hands-on learning is best, I believe.

If you want to trade cuttings with other rose growers, especially by mail, I’ll show you how to package your cuttings so they arrive safely.

Registration for this workshop is limited to 12 people. This is probably all I can handle by myself and still give everyone individual attention. The registration form is on the web site ( Judging by the response I have already received just by telling people about this, I expect the class to fill up quickly.

Gotta go. We’re open today … I have to make the place look presentable.


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