Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Coolest Tool for Tying Climbing Roses.

We have LOTS of climbing and rambling roses here. Tying these roses to the fences and arches and pillars could be a full-time job if I did it with twine.

I was talking to my neighbor next door at the winery last summer, and he showed me the tool that they use to trellis their grape vines in the vineyard. It’s called a Max Tapener, and it’s the slickest thing I’ve just about ever seen. With it, I can attach a rose cane to its support using one hand!


Our rose fences all have strands of wire on them to use for attaching the roses.
Wire on Post

All it takes are three simple steps:

Click the tool to draw up the tape.

Stretch it across the rose cane and wire (or trellis bar, or arch).
Step 2

Close it like a stapler. The tool staples the tape and cuts it off. Step 3

Cool, huh?

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  1. This post was at the bottom of Sunday's blog, so I jumped over, that is a COOOL TOOOL!!! :)


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