Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Garden Touring

Saturday's Open Garden here went really well.  There was a gentle, steady flow of people in and out all day, and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and learn a few new things about roses.  The stars of the day were American Pillar (as expected), Arcata Pink Globe (a rambler that I haven't showed you yet this year), and my new Miniature Garden that includes my collection of micro-miniature roses.  I walked and talked all day, back and forth and around the gardens, and I was pretty well exhausted by the end of it.

This is not my garden.

Saturday evening, my parents, my brother and sister, and our spouses met at a Japanese restaurant to celebrate my father's 79th birthday.  I am thankful every day to have both of my parents, and to have my siblings close by.  We are a close-knit bunch, and we always have WAY too much fun when we get together.

I would have loved to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning, but that never happens for me ... the dogs must keep to their schedule and all of the four-legged critters get their breakfast on time, no matter what day it is.  Even after doing this, there was no time to sit back and recharge.  My husband and I loaded up the dogs and hit the road to Maryland, to spend the day touring gardens with the Four Seasons Garden Club.  The weather was cool and sunny, and the day was perfect!

Four gardens (all very different from one another), one delicious Mexican lunch (while the dogs waited patiently in the car in their crates in the shade), 250+ miles round trip, twelve hours ... all spent in the company of some of my favorite friends, and with some folks that quickly became new friends.

As we unloaded the dogs at our second stop, a woman approached and said, "Is this Winnie?  You must be Connie."  (we all laughed)  Can't be anonymous when one is toting around a tiny blog-rock-star Chihuahua, I guess.

These photos are from the third garden we visited.  The rose is 'Tausendschoen' (Thousand Beauties) ... I think this particular specimen is more like MILLION Beauties.  It's a perfect pairing of location and plant choice.  (This once-flowering rambler is relatively thornless, so placing it in this spot on the gazebo isn't a hazard for garden guests.)

I came away from the day, as I always do, with inspiration spinning through my head ... so many wonderful new ideas to use as I continue to work to whip these gardens of mine into shape.


  1. So beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing.. What a busy time you've had! At least it sounds like it was all very enjoyable. :) Well i better hope to it...... 107 degrees expected here to day.. i need to do some watering this morning and get a walk in before the heat sets in. Hugs! deb

  2. Spectacular! I so wanted to fit in your garden day on Saturday, but since my plans changed from heading north, I was volunteer to help cook for the Graduation party across the street. :)

  3. Oi Connie, amei o seu blog e as suas flores.
    Sou do Brasil.
    Parabéns e muita saúde para você.

  4. I am not at all surprised that you and Winnie were recognized immediately. I would carry Rowdy around, but he's to heavy! LOL He and Winnie too, both have such unforgettable faces. xox

  5. Your weekend sounds like it was lovely, family, friends, roses, and critters.

    These roses are beautiful!


  6. Had a tour at my garden too this weekend. And American Pillar is just a day or two past prime here as well!

  7. Had a tour at my garden too this weekend. And American Pillar is just a day or two past prime here as well!

  8. Oh, so much beauty. It is all heavenly. I know everyone loved the tour.

    You and Winnie are rock stars.♥


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