Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Antique Surprise

The 'Just In' page on the Old Covesville Store web site is one of my favorite places to waste a few minutes of time online, drooling over the incredible pieces that arrive there during the week.  Many of the most special things are sold almost immediately ... this is no surprise, since Covesville's prices are just as amazing as their merchandise.  While scrolling through last week's offerings, this caught my eye:

It is a Hepplewhite cellarette (liquor safe) from the late 1700s.  Do you recognize the design in the inlay on each of the sides?


This was one of the pieces that sold immediately, so I can't be tempted by it.  I can, however, marvel at the skill of the cabinet maker to cut and piece veneer into such an intricate design.

I guess someone 200+ years ago probably loved roses as much as I do ... and the lucky new owner of this must love them, too.


  1. That's a great piece! And amazing it didn't get painted sometime in its 200 years.

    Loved looking through their offerings.

  2. Wow, for a minute there I thought you were going to say you bought cool! Gorgeous piece! Stay cool!

  3. I think the roses are what saved it from heavy paint jobs over the years!

  4. What a beautiful antique piece! Pieces like that are rare and I'm so glad someone didn't paint it. The rose inlay work is just wonderful!


  5. What a fabulous piece!
    I forgot about this store, nice reminder! I was surprised looking through to see the following--
    Antique French or Italian miniature armoire--
    I bought doors in a flea market just like those that were identified as having belonged to a small armoire! I thought they were FAB and would work into a project! HA!

  6. at first my tired ole eyes thought "thistles", then I took off the glasses and looked closer -haha.

  7. OH! That cellarette should have gone to live with you. Boo. But oh my oh my ... isn't it stunning?


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