Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Unconventional Garden Container

I bought this cast iron peg-leg pedestal sink at a building materials sale many years ago for the princely sum of $10.  We have stored it and moved it from house to house, trusting that we would one day have a place to use it.  Over the weekend, I came to the conclusion that I will probably never have a bathroom that would be appropriate to put it in ... so I am using it in less conventional way ...

... as a container garden.  My husband helped me mount the sink to one of the walls outside my greenhouse, and I have planted it with Lantana and Margarita ornamental sweet potato.

Makes me smile to have one less thing in storage, and it's a whimsical addition to the garden ... win/win!


  1. That is too cute, and brings me smiles.

  2. I absolutely love it. Might even do it here.

  3. Thats gonna be fabulous when it grows in! Your gonna have to take another photo later this summer and share!!! :) Hugs! deb

  4. What a sweet idea, Connie. I just love it. :)


  5. That is just darling. LOVE it, Connie. You do such wonderful things there!!!! xo Diana

  6. That is GREAT and it will last you a very long time.


  7. Definitely a win ~ win, Connie. I've been looking for a deeper one to put in the greenhouse. Ten bucks was a steal.

  8. Oh, maaaan--I want it! That would have been PERfect in mom's powder room! And $10! Lucky girl--


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