Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mariner's Compass Rose Tables ... All Finished!

These two tables came from Salvation Army months ago, and they were living in my garage (part of my stash of raw 'Before' projects), waiting for their turn at a make over.  Their shapes led me to add a bit of detail to their tops ... showed you how I painted the design in my last post.  Now it's time to show you the completed tables.

This is a good example of how well the Annie Sloan colors coordinate with each other.  We have Old Violet and a custom mix of Coco and Olive on the tables, with my Aubusson buffet in the background.

I didn't take any photos of the tables before I painted them, so you will have to use your imagination to picture what they looked like before their transformation.

Imagine this first table with a damaged-beyond-repair veneer top.  I removed the veneer and its underlayment, revealing the rough, pieced base of the top.  I scraped off the glue with my Bahco scraper, then used my orbital palm sander to sand it smooth.  The base of the table and the contrasting edge of the top is painted with Annie Sloan's 'Old Violet'.  The design on the top used 'Country Grey', 'Scandinavian Pink', and 'Chateau Grey'.

The base is lightly distressed and finished with clear wax.  The top received two coats of Minwax oil-based wipe-on polyurethane, for durability.  (I don't like living with waxed tops on furniture, and I don't think the people who buy my pieces should have to either.)

The left leg is waxed and buffed, and the right leg is next.

This table has a drawer.  I cleaned it up and lined it with some Waverly wallpaper that coordinates with the Scandinavian Pink on the top.  The original handle is in great shape, so all it needed was a quick wash and wipe before I reinstalled it.

Now let's look at the second table.  This one is held together with screws and bolts, and it was quick to disassemble it to make working on it easier.  The top came apart into two pieces, which meant that I didn't have to carefully cut in as I painted around the edge of the center contrasting part.

Notice how the compass point lines up with the applique on the side of the tabletop.

No 'Before' photo of this table either ... you'll have to imagine it with a big melted spot in the finish on top, where it looked like someone had set a leaky bottle of nail polish remover.  (That sanded out easily and you'll never find where it used to be.)  The base of the table and the outer portion of the top are painted with a custom mix of Annie Sloan's 'Coco' and 'Olive'.  The compass on top uses 'Country Grey', 'Old Violet', and 'Chateau Grey'.

Just like I did with the first table, the base of this one is lightly distressed and clear waxed, and the top is sealed with polyurethane.

These two tables are now part of the hoarder's stash of stuff being stored in my living room ... destined for the Luckett's Spring Market in May.

I hope these inspire you to take a second look at those less-than-perfect thrift store items you run across ... and I want you to think about other colors to use when remaking your own pieces.  There is a LOT more out there besides white, grey, and turquoise.

On another subject .... I have told you before about our friends Jim and Dan in Maryland.  Today, Jim has a timely guest post on the Washington Gardener Blog about the Washington DC cherry trees.  Click HERE to read Jim's post ... and enjoy!


  1. You do such good work - you must have a wonderfully steady hand to paint such fine points. Lucky customer who gets to take home one of these "one of a kind" tables.

  2. Holy moly, girl! BEAUTIFUL!! Love the idea of putting a compass rose on the tabletops! You are amazing!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Wow, these are great looking! I love the old violet color. It is a nice change from the "usual" colors we tend to go with.

  4. Great job on both of these tables.

    They won't last long at the sale in May.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. You do such great work on furniture, Connie. Will you be doing more before May arrives?

  6. They are gorgeous and will sell fast!!! Another great transformation! :)

  7. They turned out beautifully.


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