Saturday, June 22, 2013

Door Score at the ReStore

When I went to Richmond on Wednesday to work at Hollywood Cemetery, one of my other stops was the Habitat ReStore.  I saw two doors while I was there a few days earlier on my junking trip with Deborah, but I couldn't get them that day because I was driving my Jeep.  Wednesday, I drove my truck, and now the doors are mine!

The other door is behind this one, and they are exactly alike.

I am going to need a couple of doors for inside my studio/guesthouse outbuilding (when I get around to remodeling it, which is no time soon.)  These doors are perfect for the project ... solid wood, 19th century mortise-and-tenon construction, carefully removed from whatever house they used to be in and still mounted in their original jambs!  The knobs and mortise locks are gone, but the hinges and strike plates are still there.

The price of these beauties is the best part of the story.  Marked $45 each ... June sale, all doors are 30% off this month.  I'm over-the-moon excited about these!  They are now tucked safely away inside my garage, with all of the other stuff that I have hoarded for this project. 

Our weather is still beautiful, and I am headed outside to plant some more roses in my new bed behind the greenhouse. 


  1. I love those perfect and unexpected finds!!

    I hope you enjoy your day--With a 100% chance of sun and being in your garden with your roses, I have a feeling you will!!

  2. I tell all my clients about ReStore.

    By the way, Susanne Hudson began using old doors to create trumeau's.


    Typically turned upside down, mirrors applied to the bottom, top sawed off for proper scale, and vintage molding placed at the top. Voila.

    She did it with an old teller window too. It's on my blog a week or so ago.

    Love your doors, and the price!

    XO T

  3. Nice score on the doors! I need to go by the Restore store soon...

  4. Lucky score! I haven't been the the Habitat ReStore in years. They moved the one I used to go to and I've got so much stuff now, I don't have room for anything else.

  5. score, score, score....have fun gardening...i have pulled the occasional weed, will be ready in two weeks!

  6. I'm totally jealous, you lucky dog!


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