Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Week's Worth of Posts, All At Once

How can it be Saturday already?  Where did the week go?

I spent part of each day in my basement workshop.  Some of the rose cuttings in the north window are starting to show roots!  This is the roadside rose that I rustled last month ... I showed it to you in THIS post.

Most of my workshop time was spent painting the cabinet doors and drawer fronts from my brother's kitchen.  There are a lot of them, and the finish I want requires that each of them be painted multiple coats of two colors, both front and back, so it's going to take a while.  The top color is a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, that I showed you in THIS post.  This kitchen is going to be so retro and happy!
Mrs. Wren is now sitting on five eggs in her nest in the pot in my greenhouse.   See her tucked WAY down inside there?  It's hard to get a decent photo because the white perlite bag is in the way in every angle but this one.
The new Romantic Homes magazine came out this week, and my friend Janet's shop is featured in a fantastic article, with photos taken by her son!  See that little greenhouse in the corner of her display window?  Yep, I built that.  No mention of this in the article, but that's okay ... I am thrilled that all of the hard work that Janet has put into her shop is being recognized on a national level.  Love you, Janet!
A strong line of storms passed through our area on Thursday.  Whenever things like this are predicted, I always worry about my trees.  Last time we had a big storm, we lost two of the large Oak trees in our front yard.  (See the damage in THIS post)  Fortunately, this storm passed just to our south.  We had rain, but little wind and no damage.
Thursday's sunset, after the storm was gone, was a beautiful one ... as seen from our deck, looking toward Hartwood Winery next door.
Friday dawned with a beautiful blue sky, puffy clouds, and cool, comfortable temperatures.  It was a great day to do something outside.
Normally, this means working in the garden.  This day, though, I decided that it was long past time to clean up my Mustang and get it ready for convertible season.  It was so dirty and dusty after sitting in the garage all winter.
With the car all washed and waxed and polished (and myself and The Husband cleaned up, too), we spent part of yesterday evening at the local Friday night classic car cruise in.  There was a fantastic selection of cars last night ... with the Mustangs making a respectable showing.  That's a 1970 427 Cobra Jet parked beside mine.
To end on a garden and rose related note ... yesterday morning, I saw my first Japanese Beetle of the year.  This seems to be a little bit later than usual ... beetles arrived on June 4 in 2011, and I didn't note the day of their appearance in 2012.  We have had very few beetles for the past three years ... I wonder what this year will be like?
There you have it, a whole week's worth of blog posts in one shot!  The weather today is almost a gorgeous as yesterday.  Am I going to work out in the garden like I should?  Nope ... I'm spending today with Deborah, and we are going to hang out and hunt junk all day.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, a full sized post for sure! Beautiful photos, beautiful skies, and so much accomplished in one week. I guess I didn't know, or didn't remember (more likely) that you have a Mustang.

    Enjoy your day hunting junk with your friend.

  2. Hunting for junk sounds like a great idea - you'll be outside sometimes :)

    Glad you didn't have any damage from the storm. We didn't have any here either.

  3. The worst of the storms passed to the south of us. No trees down here, thank goodness. I really get upset when a tree is lost.

    Oooh, died and gone to heaven over your mustang... seriously. And the color is da bomb!!

  4. Well my goodness, that was fun ... a week in one!
    And believe it or not, my mom and I had the very same red convertible mustang when I was young!! Golly, did you give me deja vu - does yours have white interior???

    No beetles here yet, but I expect they're on their way ;>/

  5. Busy week! Enjoy your junkin day!


  6. I'm thanking YOUR lucky stars that the storm passed south and you didn't lose anymore beautiful trees!

    Momma Wren is SO ADORABLE! Lucky you with a front row seat.

    The Japanese Beetle, I don't know what to say, other than I hope it take over.

    Two thumbs up on your Mustang!

    Happy junk hunt!

  7. Crap! I know not to post a comment without proofing. Make that, "doesn't take over" on the Japanese Beetle. *hides head in shame

  8. Love the Mustang ! Don't love the Japanese beetle which surely spells trouble for roses ! If it is anything like the Lily Beetle, which has just made its appearance in the garden, it will spell trouble with a capital 'T' !!

  9. Enjoyed the post variety. Congrats to your friend getting in the magazine. Your piece helps make that space.

  10. Nice week! I hope you have fun with Deb, take the mustang ;)

  11. Good Morning Donna,

    Thanks so much for the shout out....the editor and I talked for an hour during the interview process and I mentioned so many things that apparently ended up on the cutting room floor. Your fabulous greenhouse and my wonderful shop helpers being a few topics. Unfortunately I had no control over the final article. You did a beautiful job on the piece and a lady from California called me after seeing the feature and wanted me to ship it to her!!! Your work is being enjoyed around the country!!
    Love the wrens...cutest little songbirds ever!

    Have a lovely Sunday and thanks for the surprise shop visit last week....always makes me smile ;->

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  12. Loved your whirlwind week, Connie. All best wishes to your husband on this Father’s Day.

  13. I'm new to your blog... came upon it and think it is wonderful. I have always wanted to start roses from cuttings... think I will try this soon!

    Lucy you, Junk hunting... so fun!

  14. Your wren in the pot in the greenhouse looks so cute and the pictures of the various skies are so beautiful. I am going to make cuttings of my roses this year on your way with the bottles.

  15. What an interesting week! Your mustang is amazing! Love the rose cuttings too. We sold our 1847 house and farm in Mar. and I have one rose bush on the new farm. I will have to take some cuttings!!!

  16. These weeks are all flying by way too fast. I need to check my clippings, I sure hope to see some roots. Have a good day!!

  17. Loved this post, Connie! I feel like I'm all caught up now on what you've been doing. lol So glad that you can take some time to have some fun instead of working so hard all the time, girl! :) LOVE that car, hot momma!! lol

    xoxo laurie

  18. Great week you have done! Cool job you have done on your rose cuttings..


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