Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby Wrens!

Over the course of the day yesterday,  the eggs in the pot in my greenhouse all hatched, and Mr. and Mrs. Wren are now the proud parents of five babies!

As she spent the past couple of weeks sitting on her nest, Mrs. Wren has become accustomed to having me around, while I make trips into the greenhouse during the day.  I always say, "Hello, Mrs. Wren." to announce my presence.  Her nest is WAY back inside the pot, beside a large bag of perlite.  (Photographing the eggs, and now the babies, requires coordinated simultaneous use of both my camera AND a flashlight.)

The babies are so tiny, mostly naked with fuzzy down feathers on their heads and backs.  They grow so fast ... it seems like a miracle.  I hope to get out there multiple times per day to do the best I can to document the process.


  1. I've been waiting and hoping for this! YAY!

  2. How exciting is that? New babies to watch.

  3. Mine have already hatched, grown and left the nest. I never got to take any pictures.

  4. How sweet!! They seem so fragile, but they will certainly make up for it when they get their voices!

  5. Oh- How very, very sweet! xo Diana

  6. Our Wren's have hatched also and the Mother is a busy lady these days feeding the little one's!

  7. How cOOl! I'm so happy for your gOOd outcome!
    My heart breaks to say these words out loud--the rotten new neighbor who was determined to kill our shared grapevines, killed the baby cardinals by their 4th day of life.
    So I can only share in your joy and fun. I hope you'll share lots of pics!

  8. Isn't it fun to watch the progress? I just had a similar experience in a hanging basket by the back door! So fun!


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