Saturday, January 5, 2013

Closet Construction, Day Two

When we left this project at the end of Day One, our new bedroom walk-in closets looked like this.  (If you haven't seen the posts leading up to this, click HERE to see the design and HERE for Day One construction.)

Peter and his crew spent a bit of time at the beginning of Day Two scratching their heads and consulting with me about exactly how I wanted the doors and trim to go onto the new wall.  (My plan to clad the wall with doors and molding is nothing like regular construction, so I totally understand all the questions and head scratching.)  It didn't take long for everyone to agree on a plan of action ... and they got to it and things happened pretty quickly.
Here you see Peter and Corey working on the frame for one of the stationary doors, while Cecil cuts and fits pieces of drywall into the gaps left by the removal of the old closet walls.
I think this is still the part of the morning when they were scratching their heads.
The studs for the wall that divides the space into two closets is up, and this photo shows the boxes for the light switches are in place.
By the end of Day Two, all of the wiring was in place and the new walls were almost covered in sheetrock.
All of the doors and trim are staged for the beginning of their installation on Day Three.
Our bedroom is a mess ... but, even at this stage of the project, I can see what an improvement this is going to be.
When I was talking to Peter as he finished up work for the day, he told me that he had no idea that this would be such a complicated project.  The demolition of the old closets and the construction of the inside portion of the new closets is fairly conventional and straight-forward.  It's the design of the front wall, using salvaged doors and trim, that has been difficult.  I'm glad that he is the sort of person who enjoys (and welcomes) a good challenge. 
Stay tuned for Day Three.
The work on this project is being done by:
Peter Csemez
Homebrite Renovations
(If you are in northern/central Virginia and you need a contractor, this one comes highly recommended ... by us!)


  1. This seems to be going pretty quick, at least to me, even with the head scratching!

  2. A little more work but oh so worth it! Sounds like you are so lucky with your crew! It is hard to get good workmanship! Hugs, Linda

  3. Good for you- A construction guy that rolls with the punches and does so without complaining. I can't wait to see it done- xo Diana

  4. Looking good! I can't wait to see the end results!

    It's nice to have a contractor that will work with you on a project and one that enjoys a challenge.

  5. What great results so far! I have a feeling that your closets will be done before the roof on my barn is!! :-)

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  6. Oooooh! I can't wait to see the final result. This is the next plan in our constant remodeling of our house, too. And not only will ours be a closet remodel, at the same time, our master bath, too. They're all on the same wall.

  7. Connie, already I can see how much your tall ceilings are going to give you much more than just hanging and shelf space inside the closets. These are true craftsmen.

  8. That's funny Connie-- I feel better knowing it's not just me stumbling over the integration of old into "new."


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