Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey, Connie, How is Daniel Doing?

It has been almost exactly six months since our eleven-year-old greyhound, Daniel, was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma of the spleen.  You would never know by looking at him now that he was anything but a happy older gentleman dog.  I am thankful for the expert care he has received from his oncologist.  Look at that sweet face!

"Mom, is that cheeseburger for me?"
Daniel has received six doses of CCNU.  It is an oral chemotherapy drug, which is powerful against his cancer, but usually has minimal side effects.  (liver toxicity and low white blood cell and/or platelets are the most common.)  Only once did he feel even the least bit puny after one of his treatments.  Other than that, you would never know by his behavior that he was receiving treatment of any kind.
He has been steadily regaining the weight he lost earlier in the year before his diagnosis and treatment.  My normally 70-pound dog bottomed out at 58 pounds.  He is up to 65 pounds, as of his last vet visit on Christmas Eve. (that's why he's wearing his red velved holiday collar.)
"Yes, Daniel, it is.  Here you go, Sweetheart.  You were such a good boy for the doctor."
Daniel is the dog that picked me seven years ago.  I remember that day so well ... the little voice in my gut was screaming, pleading, begging me understand that this precious boy was meant to be mine ... what a wise little voice! 
Cat safe?  Yes, he is!  
As far as Daniel's lymphoma goes, we are making his treatment decisions one vet visit at a time.  He has a less-common low-level type of lymphoma, and we are taking our cues from him about how to proceed.  So far, he continues to be in remission ... eating well, gaining weight ... with a cheery attitude and a great quality of life. 


  1. Thank you so much for this update... that is awesome news!

    What a sweet boy! And, you're right, they do pick you and are always so grateful when you say yes!

  2. Daniel is sleek, elegant and yes, he does remind me of a deer.

  3. Life is Good and so is Daniel! Great news!!!

  4. I am so glad that the treatments are working and aren't terrible for him.

    My Golden, Maddy Jean, had a nasty cancer surgery last Summer. They say they got it all. Stage two.

    It made my heart dip to see her like that. She is my love.

    Your two cats sitting with your dog, love it.


  5. That Sweet Daniel looks so good in his red collar. I am so glad he is doing well with his treatments and gaining weight. I know you love him very much!
    hugs, Linda

  6. I'm so glad he is doing well. Yay!!! LOVE the photo of him and the cats on the same bed:-)

  7. He really DOES look good. Now give that boy a cheeseburger already!!!

  8. Daniel looks like an old gentleman. I think he is a beauty with his long legs hanging of the bed with pretty looking cats. I am glad the treatment of the vet is working!

  9. Thank you, Jannecke, sweetheart ... you are so kind!

  10. So glad the treatment is working well, Daniel is a very special dog! and has a wonderful mother!

  11. It warms my heart to read how well Daniel is doing. I love the photo of him with the kitties. We have a matched pair of tabbies--one with long and one with short hair--just like you do. We call them "The Fuzzy and the Furry". I saw the photo of Daniel cuddling with the cats and thought, "Awww, Daniel loves his Fuzzy and Furry!"

  12. I love Daniel and it was so great to visit with him , Ruby and the kitties....Oh, and you were fun too!!!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  13. I LOVE that picture with the cats!..

    "MOoooooom, he's leaning over on OUR SIDE!!...."...

  14. He's such a handsome boy! Btw, so envious of your comment of the two dozen bluebirds visit years ago. Must have been awesome!!!

  15. Good news is always nice to read! I wish him (and you) well going forward.

  16. So happy he's doing well! Knowing how trying the battle against lymphoma can be, it truly warms our hearts that he's happy and healthy. He definitely looks like a rather stoic gentleman and a strikingly good companion.


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