Monday, January 21, 2013


I am too young to have known much of Martin Luther King while he was alive.  I was nine years old when he was killed ... living the Army-brat life in Italy ... isolated from the turmoil in the US in the late 60s by culture and distance. 

(I borrowed this graphic from FB)
In my adult years, I have come to admire what Dr. King was ... and I wonder what further accomplishments he could have left behind.
Anyone who professes love and peace and understanding is someone that I hold in high esteem. 
Civil rights are HUMAN rights!
Bless you, Dr. King ... may we all do the best we can to live up to your Dream.


  1. Yes- I often have wondered what else he would have accomplished had he lived longer. xo Diana

  2. I too think he could have changed so much more in this country!

  3. Yes maybe we would have had a black president a lot sooner or maybe gay marriage in every state. We still have so much to overcome.
    Glad Daniel is still doing ok.


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