Monday, September 3, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

The rental house that we are remodeling, in its original 'before' state, is a testament to mid-90s, builder-grade fixtures and finishes ... most of which we are updating and/or replacing.  There is a dressing area in the master bedroom with a vanity and large plate glass mirror .... boring.  While I was at the Habitat ReStore in Manassas last week, I found a pair of beautiful mirrors to replace it with.

I neglected to take a true 'before' photo.  Both mirrors are made of pressed wood and resin, and were painted a really cheesey gold.  The gold on the one I painted first was rubbed and worn through in most places.  Photos make the gold of the other mirror, which was in decent condition, look a LOT better than it does in person.  
I masked off the mirror itself, and gave the frame a quick coat of Rustoleum Bronze metallic spray paint.  (I'm using the same paint on the light fixtures that I'm rehabbing ... I will show these to you another day.)  The bronze looks black in photos, so you'll have to picture a subtle warm metallic sheen that really brings out the details of these mirrors.  (If these weren't destined for a rental home, I probably would have done something fabulous to them with chalk paint.)
You can see that I had some help with my photo shoot.  Maggie was inspecting my workmanship ... and marveling at her own reflection, no doubt.  She knows how beautiful she is!
Dorothy came in to lend a hand.  This photo reminds me of when I was a Girl Scout leader many years ago.  Who remembers the Brownie Investiture ceremony that uses a mirror?
"Twist me, turn me, and show me an elf,
I looked in the water and saw .... Myself."
Both mirrors are painted now, and I love how they turned out!  I will show them to you when they are hung at the house after the painting is finished.


  1. I never got to be a Brownie... but I love the quote to pieces!

  2. Oh I do remember the Brownie ceremony! Great job on the mirrors but the cats looking at themselves are the best of all. xo Linda

  3. I much prefer the changed mirror and it looks like Maggie and Dorothy do, too.

  4. You are one busy woman.

    Just got caught up on your last few posts.

    So glad Daniel is recovering. And may I say that is one nice feeder bench.

    xo Jane

  5. Love the mirrors you found-they will look great in the rehabbed bathroom. Blessings- xo Diana

  6. Great finds, Connie! (love that rug, too! hehehe!) And your furbabies are both soooo beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  7. *lovely*

    Especially the sweet kitty face pondering in the mirror....

  8. Pretty Maggie & Dorothy! Great score on the mirrors -- and you brought back long-forgotten Brownie memories!

  9. I too redid mirrors like you. I found them an awful gold color and did an antique look as you did. Much improved. Your mirrors are a much prettier shape though. Cute kitty photos. My cats are not as inquisitive.


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