Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chilly Morning

Fall is definitely in the air!  The temperature the past few mornings has been below 50 degrees (that's 10 for our friends who are accustomed to the Celsius scale).  Yesterday, as the temperature in the house fell to 64, I caved and fired up the boiler.  This old, solid brick house is a huge thermal mass, a lot like a Thermos bottle ... it stays warm when it's warm, and it stays cool when it's cold ... and I'm cold. 

The chilly temps make it hard for me to get motivated in the morning.  It's great for sitting under a down throw with a cup of coffee, working (or playing) on the computer, and cuddling with cats ... and bad for getting dressed, heading outside, and getting outdoor stuff accomplished .  So here I sit, on the couch in the family room, surrounded by sleeping animals.

Daniel is sacked out on the bed in front of the TV, and Emma (who I can't see from here) is sleeping on her bed in the bay to Daniel's right.

Dorothy is curled up beside me.  I can't believe how much she looks like a big kitty now!

And Alice is sleeping next to Maggie on the other end of the couch.

It's time for me to get up from here and try to accomplish some real work today.  Saturday is my last Open Garden day for the year, and I'd like to have my garden look better than it does when visitors arrive.  Sunday, I'm hosting the first meeting for the Old Dominion Heritage Roses Group, with very special guests who have never seen my garden ... I'd better get my butt into gear and stop wasting time on the computer. 

Love you guys, but I gotta go.


  1. I love cuddling up like that with sleeping furkids around me. Enjoy your garden before it gets really cold!!!

  2. I'm relatively new to your blog and hadn't seen Daniel yet. That is one old looking greyhound (as you know, I'm a vet, actually vet orthopedic surgeon, in real life).

    Not to disagree, but I get going much better in the cold weather than when it's 100 out!

  3. Good luck with your open house and your meeting. If I knew other gardener's were coming to my garden I'd be a lot less calm. We've yet to cut on the heat, and these cooler nights have made the dogs more welcome to the bed.


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