Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maymont Flower and Garden Show, 2010

I spent the most wonderful day yesterday with my friend Gale at the Maymont Flower and Garden Show (at the Convention Center in downtown Richmond)  I always go to this show on Friday, because of the crowds that come on Saturday and Sunday.  Friday is much more relaxed, and there's room to appreciate the exhibits and visit the vendors.

As Gale and I entered the main hall, we were immediately hit with the powerful scent of hyacinths from this exhibit just inside the front door.  What a wonderful relief it is to see some springtime, after all the snow and ice we've been dealing with all winter.

This little lady was nearby.  She didn't appear to be concerned that she was bathing in a large hall amid crowds of people.

Ashland Berry Farm, which also specializes in water gardens, had these as part of their display.  I love most things Tiki, so I was immediately drawn to them.  The water-spitting caterpillar-thing was really cute.

When Gale and I saw this display, we immediately called it the Man Cave.

The scale of this swing arbor is very similar to my Arcade.  I can see a simplified version of the top treatment making an appearance in Hartwood in the very near future.

This little garden shed was precious.  I love the colors.  If you have to have a shed, you might as well make it cute.

This little vignette, with the bench sitting on salvaged baluster legs, was in the same exhibit.  The idea is cute, but I wouldn't sit on it because it didn't look all that sturdy.

As we exited that exhibit, we turned and saw this

Our jaws dropped.  This tree house is perfect in every way.  It's exactly the right mix of junky and classic ... chippy and lived in.  We both agreed that we would lift it out of the show and place it in our yards without any changes.  (She would have to battle her HOA to do it, though.  Living in the country as I do, there'd be no problem like that here.)

Look at the details.  The stained glass on the porch, the brackets, the windows, the pressed tin roof.

I photographed this little beauty from all angles, with a flash and without, so I wouldn't miss any part of it.  It gave me so many ideas that I can use as I remodel the cottage by the barn.

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  1. Connie, The tree house was amazing,
    and yes HOA'S would not allow that
    to be built,especially in LOW.

  2. I am glad you got some great ideas. Will the treehouse be for adults?

    I was just at GCV Horticulture site where we both lamented the fact that the Maymont show of years past is gone.

  3. Les, I was telling my husband this morning how much I miss the 'old' Maymont show. The way it's now combined with a home show, split down the middle of the exhibition hall, and the reduced number of vendors and exhibits, makes it SO much less of a destination now.

  4. That is a great tree house! Looks like it's been there for decades. It totally reminds me of one that I built for a display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It blended in with trees provided by a landscaper. I'd upload a pic if I could, you would see the resemblance right away...

  5. A tree house is on the hubby and I's list for the summer projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I've always wanted to attend this show, and now through the magic of the internet I have...thanks so much! I love that mermaid, and to see all of those wonderful spring flowers must have been heavenly!

    Kat :)


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