Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day!

It snowed all day yesterday, finishing around 2:00 this morning.  Everything outside is all bright and sparkly.

After I shoveled the porch and front steps, I grabbed my camera and went to see if I could capture some nice snowy images.

From the what I can see on top of the brick pillars at the end of the driveway, we probably got about 8 inches or more.  The wind was blowing the snow into drifts, so it's tough to find somewhere in the yard to get an accurate measurement.

The plow came and did a pass at clearing the road at about mid morning.  There's been plenty of SUV traffic on this snow-packed surface.

Doesn't this fence post look like you should draw eyes on it and tie a bow around it's 'neck'?

These are some of the pots of roses that I still have to plant.  I think they look like a bunch of snowcones.

The snow blower makes quick work of clearing our driveway.

Everything in the greenhouse is warm and toasty.

Artsy icicle photo.

Here's the view past the Arcade, toward the Barn.

I wasn't the only creature making tracks in the snow.

All of the roses in the rose field, and elsewhere in the garden, are safely tucked under their blanket of snow.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. Your snowcones, arbors and trellis all speak of potential come warmer weather.

  2. How did you make those round arbours? is it bent re-bar? How was it done? thanks.

  3. Les, I am SO itching for spring.

    The arches in the rose field are each made from a 20' piece of rolled steel that I had bent at a local steel company.

  4. While it is often thought that winter is a time of rest for both the garden and the gardener.This
    winter has caused an excessive amount of cabin fever,for this gardener and many others.We should
    always take heart.Nothing lasts forever. R.B.

  5. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog, so that I could come over and see yours. I'm a Master Gardener, and I swear I've heard of your Hartwood Roses.......what lovely photos. I'm not quite ready for spring for some reason. There was so much I wanted to accomplish this winter. Nice to meet you!


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