Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Big Birthday for one of the Hartwood Hounds.

Today is Emma's 13th birthday!

She started life as 'Alabama Emma' on January 21, 1997, one of 8 puppies born to Just Empty (Jessie) and Aussie Iago.  She and her littermates were raised together on a farm in Alabama, and many of them stayed together during their racing careers.  As far as I know, all of them were adopted once they retired from racing ... and I was able to locate 4 of Emma's 7 siblings.

Here is a littermate reunion during a greyhound gathering in Gettysburg in 2003, with Emma's brother Dude (left) and her sister Aggie (front and center).

Emma raced for only 5 months, and she wasn't very good at it.  I was told by a man who knew her back in the day that she stopped in the backstretch during her last race and quit. This girl knows what she wants, and racing wasn't it.  Shortly thereafter, in October 1999, she came to live with us.

This is one of the first photos we took of her, and one of the few with me in it.  (Forgive the photo quality -- it's a grainy scan.)

Emma loves toys ... squeekie toys especially.  It's rare to see her with only one at a time.

She is very patient and accommodating, even though her mom does awful things to her.  Like making her model her new sweater ...

... dressing her as Little Bo Peep ...

... or sharing her bed.

When she was younger, she could often be found stretching out in the characteristic greyhound 'cockroach' position ... notice the ever-present squeekie toy.

Emma loves strangers.  Because of this, she and I tested and became a certified therapy dog team shortly after she came here.  Whenever we are out, she greets everyone with her sweet face and wagging tail.  For years, she and I were a fixture in the lobby at the hospital on Sunday mornings, and she was one of the first therapy dogs in Fredericksburg to be certified as a Reading Assistance Dog.

Greyhounds are calm, quiet dogs by nature, and Emma makes herself comfortable wherever she happens to be.

Working an Adoption event ...

... on vacation in Dewey Beach, Delaware ...

... outside in the sunshine ...

... or just relaxing on the family room rug.

Did I mention that she's really good with kids?

Look at that darling face.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Emma.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)


  1. What a lady she is! It is great of you to have rescued her. Our ancient Patsy was a reading dog several years ago, but is retired now.

  2. Happy birthday to Emma...what a gorgeous dog and she is such a sweetie. I've never seen a Greyhound but they are so magnificent!!!

  3. Emma is so sweet and beautiful! Happy Birthday to Emma (from Charm, too)!

    I'm so glad you posted all those photos. What people don't understand is that greyhounds are just the most perfect dogs and loyal companions. The best dispositions!

    Charm raced for 4 years and so she was 4 1/2 when we adopted her. Her 11th birthday is in February.


  4. Your dogs are beautiful. Happy Birthday to Emma, too. I was looking at your bathroom remodel above. Fascinating what's behind the walls. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

  5. Emma is definitely the queen around here ... pushing to the front whenever there's treats, and keeping her brother Daniel in line. It's hard to believe she's a teenager. She's a bit slower than she used to be, but her health is good. She wears her age pretty well.
    ... Connie

  6. Hi - found your blog through Kat's (Low Tide High Style) and while I love roses, I love greyhounds even more! :) The fact that you have greyhounds caught my eye, so I had to pop over to see photos! They look so sweet! We've had 3 greyhounds over the years and all have unfortunately passed on - the last two were brothers and lived to almost 14. I hope to have another in the future - such a great breed!


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