Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meet Maggie.

This is Maggie.  If I'm sitting here working at the computer, you can almost guarantee that she's sitting in my lap.

We adopted her in the fall of 2001 when she was between four and five months old ... she was found as a stray in Madison County, Virginia, and was brought to the Madison County Humane Society.  I knew from the moment I saw her that there was something special about this kitty. 

Maggie is now 8 years old, and we believe she holds the title as the World's Most Expensive PetsMart Cat.  We had her for about a year when she got really sick ... it required lots of tests, 2 days in kitty-intensive-care, and numerous other vet visits to figure out that she has Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (say that 3 times fast).  It's an auto-immune disease that's fairly rare in cats, where her immune system attacks her own blood cells.  The cause is unknown, and the prognosis was grim.  She has lived for the last 6+ years on varying doses of steroids and Cyclosporine, a human anti-rejection drug, to suppress her immune system, and her IMHA is under control. 

In April of this year, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphona, something else that's really rare in cats.  (We say that Maggie's middle name should be "that's-really-rare-in-cats")  She had surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node in her throat, and she's been taking CCNU chemo treatments since we found another enlarged lymph node in June.  Her Oncologist cautioned us to not expect complete remission ... but remission is exactly what we have.  No sign of cancer right now, perfect values in her blood work, good weight and appetite ... life for Maggie is very, very good.

Why do we go to all of this effort and expense for a cat?  This is a very special cat, that's why ... I've known it since I first saw her in that cage at PetsMart.  Look at those eyes.

She came into our house and was immediately at home with us, the dogs, and our other cats. 

She greets all house guests, and makes the rounds sitting on everyone's lap in turn, purring quietly.  Her favorite place to sleep at night is on my feet ... and her favorite human is me.  I trust her to tell me when she's had enough and it's time for her to go.  Until then, I will do whatever I can to keep her here.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)


  1. Oh, Such a beautiful kitty! I have 3, all boys (im the only girl in the house). one just had a big problem with his eye. I dont know what i would have done without my family because they took him to the vet while i had to go to work... and he slept in bed with us for a week and is now all better :)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Maggie is VERY photogenic. Her eyes speak to you through the photos. We've always had girl kitties here ... a mix of boy and girl dogs, tho.

    I'm glad your kitty is better. I always sleep covered in cats ... isn't that how it's supposed to be?

  3. Maggie is so beautiful, I love her eyes. She has a wonderful mom to take such good care of her.

  4. Maggie IS beautiful ... inside and out. She's got a wonderful spirit. I'm very lucky to have her.


  5. What a beautiful cat! I'm sorry she has so many health issues that is rough.


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