Friday, May 22, 2009

Approaching Full Bloom.

I find I have to walk the garden at least twice a day, or I might miss something. Many of the roses are in full bloom. Others, the fence ramblers for instance, are covered with hundreds of buds … showing the promise of quite a show in a week or two.

Bella Donna
(Bella Donna)

Here is a slideshow of 125 photos of what was blooming here on Wednesday.

Slide Show

It’s hard to get good photos in the middle of the day. The yellows and whites can either look radiant and etherial or harsh and washed out.

Madame Hardy
(Madame Plantier)

The reds …. they are completely oversaturated and electric. (I’ll have to get better photos of them in lower light.)

Rose de Rescht
(Rose de Rescht)

Pinks are usually pretty easy.

Sunny South
(Sunny South)

Plan to come visit us for our opening on June 6th, and see the roses in person.

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  1. I drove past your house yesterday afternoon, and all of the roses were so lovely! I couldn't believe how many were blooming... i cant wait to come see!


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