Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Snapshot ... Blogger App

few weeks ago, I found out that there is finally an iPad app for Blogger.  Before now, attempting to compose a post on my iPad was a frustrating combination of three other apps, and it wasn't worth the effort.  As a result, I bring my heavy laptop along when I travel, so I can blog while I'm away from home if I want to.  If I get good at this, I may not have to do that anymore.

This is a photo that I just took of Winnie ... She's under there somewhere.

So far, using this new app hasn't been too painful.  The font looks a bit off, and I'm not sure the photo is centered the way I usually have them, but I'll keep at this and see how much more I can figure out.  Maybe an old dog like me can learn this new trick.

Happy Football Sunday, Everyone!

Sunday Snapshots are posts that are devoted to a moment in time that represents a slice of life in Hartwood, or wherever else I happen to be.


  1. TERRIFIC !! I need that app, too ... may I trouble you to post the link for it?

    Many thanks & happy mobile blogging to you ;>]

  2. I just searched for it in the App Store and it came right up. It's free.

  3. Ok, yes, I saw that one but as it was developed in 2013 I thought you might perhaps be referring to a *new* something or other.... ;>] Thank you, very pleased to have the info.

    Best wishes from a very soggy Pacific Northwest,

  4. I may not be able to see Winnie, but just the mention of her name and what she's doing still makes me smile. :-)!

  5. Good to know! I'm a bit behind on the technology myself and don't usually blog when I'm travelling, so it's a useful tip.

  6. Hope it works out for you! I don't have an iPad, or a Smart phone, just my good ol' trusty Mac.

  7. I look forward to all the pics of
    Winnie...hidden or otherwise, lol.


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