Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All "Gummed" Up

I had dental surgery yesterday afternoon, a procedure that my periodontist calls 'ridge augmentation'.  It involved an hour and a half of cutting, scraping, grafting, sculpting, and stitching to correct a depression at my gumline that was caused by removal of a defective crown.

 [photo of Sunday morning's sunrise]

In the beginning of it all, this was supposed to be a simple matter of removing the crown in question, extracting the remaining root of the tooth, and placing an implant to support a new crown.  One fake tooth out, another fake tooth in, easy as pie.  Two bone graft surgeries later, and two years have elapsed, and there wasn't enough bone formed to support an implant and I had to face the fact that I would have a bridge to span the gap in my smile.  To make the bridge look natural, my gumline needed work ... which is what yesterday's surgery was all about.

I feel pretty good.  I spent yesterday evening and overnight on good pain meds ... deciding this morning that I don't need them anymore.  (Maybe one more pill tonight at bed time.)  I've been icing my face like I was instructed to do, but the swelling is still pretty technicolor.  Considering how much time I spent with my upper lip pulled up to my nose, so the doctor had access to do his thing, it's no surprise that it puffed up like it did.  The same thing happened with the prior two surgeries, so I was expecting it.  Hopefully, I will look more normal within a couple of days.  Sorry to disappoint you ... no photos of my puffy face will be posted.

Doctor's orders are for me to take it easy today and do as little as possible.  You all know me well enough by now to imagine that I'm going crazy having to be still like this.  So far, I have spent most of my time sitting on the sofa watching TV with the dogs.  Found a morning marathon of HGTV's 'Sarah Sees Potential' and that helped pass the time.  (I love everything about Sarah Richardson!)  

My doctor assures me that this latest procedure is going to do the trick, and that I can soon be fitted with a permanent bridge.  I sure hope so because I really want to put this prolonged dental nightmare behind me.  


  1. Dental Nightmare sounds about right! Ugh!! Hope this does it for you! I'm such a wimp I hope I dodge anything like this.

  2. Connie, I hope you are feeling better. I had to have a tooth removed in December, but I've not been through what you have! Take care, and do rest up--I know that's hard for you to do. ♥

  3. No stranger to the dentist chair myself, I feel your pain. Heal well, and soon!

  4. I can't even discuss dental work without having palpitations, so this was like reading a horror story for me! I wish you well!

  5. UGH!!! I unfortunately know what you are going through. I had a crown extension (very, very painful) that failed years later, then had to have a bridge. Hope you are back to normal and totally painfree very soon! Sarah timed it good for both of us...I had it running in the background working from home...love her!

  6. Oh maaan! I was cringing at every description--better you than me girl!
    Well- you're already doing what I would have suggested, cuddling with fur-babies and fun design programs! Maybe you'll feel like getting lost on pintrest too!?!
    *I wouldn't share pictures either!
    Hope you're feeling--and looking better soon,

  7. Yikes! And, owie! I do hope this does this trick.

    I am so there with you on Sarah Richardson. She would by far be my number one pick for television decorator. I can't recall ever seen anything she has done that I didn't like.

  8. Just saw this.. So sorry it came to all this, but hopefully it will all heal well and you can get on with things.
    I think of you every time Rehab Addict comes on... she just slaps things together without prep or measurements often. The last episode I saw part of she was painting over flaking paint. Thought to my self, Corrine would never do that... you are legendary for your meticulous prep work and professional quality of rehab!

  9. oops... Sorry, CONNIE not Corrine.

  10. I knew that you meant 'Connie'. There are times when I mistype my own name, believe it or not.

    You're so sweet to think so highly of me and my work. Preparation is the key to a good result, and it kills me to watch the Rehab Addict doing things that I know will fail, like poor paint prep like you mentioned. I have to keep remembering that these are investment houses in a different area and that her work really may be good for the neighborhoods where these houses are. What she's done in her own house is to a different standard, from what I've seen.


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