Saturday, July 12, 2014

Plants in the New Shade Garden

I spent a good part of yesterday finishing the new shade garden that I showed you earlier ... choosing plants from my stash and arranging them to my liking.  Putting together a shade garden is all about the challenge of playing with size and color and texture of the plants ... very little or no consideration for flowers, because the leaves of the plants are the stars of the show.

Here is what the garden looks like as of earlier this morning:

The plants in here are:

1.  Hosta 'Zebson'
2.  Pink Lily of the Valley
3.  Camellia japonica 'Pink Perfection'
4.  Hart's Tongue Fern
5.  Disporopsis (evergreen Solomon's Seal)
6.  Fortune's Holly Fern
7.  Seedling Hellebores
8.  Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'
9.  Hosta plantagenea, existing
10.  Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide', existing
11.  More seedling Hellebores
12.  Hydrangea paniculata 'Bombshell'
13.  A group of a few assorted plants in pots that will be planted later on the other side of the garden.

With the addition of cardboard and newspaper on the ground, and spreading three bags of shredded cypress mulch, this area is finished!  I will start work on the other side of the bed once the digging and destruction of replacing our water main is over with ... probably late next week.  

On a rose-related note, Fortune's Holly Fern is a cultivar that was collected by Scottish botanist Robert Fortune in the mid-1800s on one of his plant finding expeditions to China.  Fortune is also known as the namesake of Rosa fortuniana and Fortune's Double Yellow roses.  Just a bit of useless trivia to brighten your day.


  1. I had missed some posts so I have been reading now. I understand you were very impressed by the English gardens, I know Wisley and Mottisfont too, so beautiful. But I also know it is nice to be home again with your furry friends, they will have missed you too. When I am away, Snarf keeps staring at the gate. Good luck with your renovations of parts of the garden, England will certainly have given you lots of new ideas.

  2. I love a shade garden. Don't have a good area where I live now for one!

  3. Looks great Connie! Can't wait to see it again in another year or so, esp. those camelias!

  4. I love your plant selection.. ina year or two, it's gonna be a knock out!


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