Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In the Dining Room

I took our dining table downstairs to my workshop on Monday so I can refinish it.  This left a huge open place in the dining room, and our critters seem to be puzzled by it.

The animals segregated themselves like this ... cats on one side, dogs on the other.  Looks like the dog toy has chosen to be on the cat side.  (Ruby plays rough with it, so I think I would choose to hang with the cats, too, if I was him.)

I will show you the dining table when I'm finished with it.


  1. What a cute photo. I really must conquer my fears and take on a refinishing project. *sigh* Maybe after the kitchen remodel.

  2. Meeting of the head honchos.

    Topic, What Has She Done Now?

    You have them flummoxed with this one !

    Garden & Be Well, XO tara

  3. All the babies! I could never get all mine into one photo. Very cute.

  4. LOL! Ruby is looking at you like 'Hey Mom....somethings missing..' Hugs! deb

  5. This is the best photo! Oh my, I got a good laugh. They are all so cute and look like the 'meeting' has been called to order!

  6. That is so cute! You can feel the puzzlement.

  7. I think they're staking their claim for this to be THEIR ROOM!
    Hint-hint ; D


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