Monday, June 10, 2013

Sextuplets, and More on the Way

Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird have been tirelessly making trip after trip to their nest in 'Schoener's Nutkana' in my front rose garden, feeding their six babies ... who have grown so large that they now barely fit into the nest.

By next week, these babies should be big enough to fledge ... and Mama and Papa won't have to worry about guarding their nest and will let me work in my front yard in peace. 

In other news, there will soon be more baby birds here to coo and squeal about ... Carolina Wrens have made a nest in a pot in the greenhouse, and there are three eggs in it so far! 


I love wrens!!


  1. A pot in your greenhouse... WOW! I'm expecting lots of photos from that!

  2. I love Wrens also!!! We usually have house Wrens nesting on our back porch, so far nope. Tractor shed yes. Two nestings of bluebirds. Sadly something got to my Cardinal eggs on the Gate Arbor, I'm sad. Love that there are SIX babies, wow, busy parents!

  3. That is one full nest! Oh I love Wrens also and one has made a nest on my porch. She fusses at us a lot!

  4. Wow-That is a whole lotta babies for one set of parents. Aren't they fun to watch though? xo Diana

  5. How exciting for both nests!!! It's wonderful that you have such good access to both so you can photograph them the nests in my garden are always completely inaccessible regardless of whether the parents dive bomb or not.

  6. Don't you just love birds? The little wrens are one of my favorites.

  7. Morning Connie,

    Carolina Wrens are my favorite!!!! I just love to hear them sing....tiny birds with a BIG song. We have a little family that just fledged and they so cute.....a little clumsy as they keep flying into Mr. Retired Secret Agent to get out of his way...too funny. Enjoy them!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  8. Love how the wrens can make a home in any convenient spot they choose. This year one pair approved of the birdhouse by our walkway. I was so excited when I saw them checking it out. Nice neighbors!

  9. So cute, even the eggs. Get some photos when the baby wrens appear. I never saw baby wrens.


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