Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was packed with places we HAD to go and things we HAD to do!  I had planned to go to an auction on Saturday morning, but I blew it off.  I worked at home instead.  Saturday afternoon, The Husband and Ruby and I worked the afternoon shift at the Greyhounds Rock booth at the Lake of the Woods Dog Festival.  Immediately as the festival ended, we packed up our things, hit the road to deliver Ruby home, and we set off again ... to the NPC Max Muscle Virginia Classic where our Daughter #3 was competing.

She works SO hard, following a strict diet and exercise program, to get into shape to compete.  It paid off, because she placed FIRST in her class!!  Way to go, Sweetie ... your dad and I are very, VERY proud of you!

Sunday was one of those days where I had to hit my marks all day long.  First up ... breakfast at IHOP with Daughter #3 (a no-holds-barred breakfast off her diet to celebrate her win the previous night) and Daughter #1 and her family.  Caleb is almost 8 months old now, and everything he touches goes straight into his mouth.

While we were at breakfast, a customer stopped by the house to pick up a replacement rose that I left for her ... the one she bought last year was accidently mis-tagged.  (No questions asked, she got the correct replacement ... that's how we do things around here.)  When I got home, I saw that she had brought me two BEAUTIFUL peony flowers.  I love peonies as much as I love roses.  This one is Kopper Kettle Itoh ... the copper/apricot color with subtle stripes is gorgeous, and it smells HEAVENLY.  Note to self:  must see about adding some Itoh peonies to the garden next year.

At 1:00, Ruby and I went to spend an hour at HealthSouth, our hospital's rehabilitation facility, for the second part of her therapy dog test.  The objective is for us to interract with patients and their families in the presence of a therapy dog evaluator.  As we expected, Ruby loved all the people, sitting politely to be petted and loving all the attention.

Here is our group, after we finished our visit.  This is a great group of dogs and humans!  Notice TJ, our Greyhounds Rock spokes-dog, in the center ... his human Kim is our evaluator.

I finished the day with a few hours of shopping with Daughter #3.  Her new body-building body doesn't fit into her jeans, and she is on the hunt for ones that DO fit.  Our first stop was Goodwill, at her suggestion, and she scored a pair of jeans that we can alter to fit her perfectly!  I bought a dress for myself and some Waverly curtains that will most likely end up as chair seats.

This week will be a blur.  I have the plant sale at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ... the photo they use on their plant sale page is one of me ... I was surprised to see it because I don't know when it was taken.  Hartwood Roses is opening for the season on Sunday, May 6.  (More on this in a day or two.  Follow Hartwood Roses on Facebook for the latest info first.)  I have LOTS to do to prepare for both of these events ... so I should turn off the computer and get to it. 


  1. That sounds like an excellent weekend. Congratulations to your daughter, I imagine it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get a first.

  2. Busy Lady! Congrats to your daughter! Love the Peonies! Have a great week! Hugs, Linda

  3. I have 'Kopper Kettle', my only Itoh! Them ain't cheap; mine was $50, now up to $75 at the same place.

  4. Congrats to your daughter on another win! We had a similar crazy weekend, but that's how it normally is around here. Best of luck in Richmond!


  5. How very exciting for your daughter!!! Peonies...oh, I love them "almost" as much as Roses! Ruby is special, very special!!! And yep, love the fabric!!! go! Have a great week!!!

  6. Gosh that color or peony is gorgeous. I just put in a hydrangea bush yesterday (finally) and want a few more, plus a peony bush as well. Just to spruce up and add color to the yard.

    Congratulations to your daughter.

  7. WOW your daughter is stunning!!

    and so is that peony color, love it.

    And that sweet dog....A rose by any other name is Ruby.

    I have no idea why that just came to me... lol..

  8. Congratulations to D#1!!! I can tell she haw worked hard to get to the point where she placed#1. I envy her dedication to such a healthy quest!

    I can't believe how big Caleb is getting. He is so cute!!!

    I have never seen peonies in that color. I like them almost as much as I like roses, too. They are just gorgeous! xo Diana

  9. I'm so excited to have Kopper Kettle. Not sure if they will sell but I couldn't help myself. Might have to take them all home:)


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