Monday, April 16, 2012

The Irresistable Allure of Sunshine

In the morning, when the angle of the sun is low and comes through the windows and makes puddles on the floor, I know exactly where I will find the cats.

This is Alice's favorite spot for a number of reasons.

1.  It's warm and sunny.
2.  It's high enough so she can look out the front door sidelights into the front yard.
3.  Ruby can't reach her here.  (Ruby isn't allowed on the stairs.)


  1. Alice is beautiful!

    #3 made me giggle. Smart kitty!

  2. Cats are always strategic:-)
    Lovely photo with the light, the colors and textures.

  3. I want to be laying in the sun somewhere...the life of a cat! :) donna

  4. Pets do love a spot of sunshine don't they... looks like she's found the perfect spot to sunbathe.

    Great looking stair runner too!

  5. Connie-What a gorgeous photo. Alice is a beauty! xo Diana

  6. Such a pretty shot. She looks content.

  7. This photo is the perfect representation of contentment. Ah! Life for Alice must be very good.

  8. What a sweet girl sitting in the sunshine!

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    You have won the Versatile Blogging Award.



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