Friday, October 28, 2011

Greenhouse ... South Wall Windows, Finished!

This is what the south wall of the greenhouse looked like when I stopped work yesterday afternoon at 5:30.  I'm really pleased with my progress and the results so far.

I have been working by myself for most of this, and things take longer without a helper (ie., The Husband).  I'm fortunate that he works from home and is available to lend a hand when necessary, but I have to make the most efficient use of his away-from-the-desk moments.

The vertical trim pieces that the windows are attached to are a good example of an element that is easier with two people.  I sand the pieces, and mark and drill the screw holes.  After I do this for a few pieces, I call The Husband out and we team up to install them.  I'm on the inside lining up the piece, and he's outside holding it and driving two screws to hold it in place.  Then, he goes back to work and I drive the rest of the screws. 

The windows themselves can be installed as a one-person job with the aid of a well-placed quick clamp or two.

A bit of molding, some caulk and wood filler and paint, and this greenhouse is going to look fabulous ... but that won't happen till spring.

The photo above is a good view of some of the various salvaged materials that are going into this project.  These windows are from a house in Northern Virginia ... some of the glazing is a bit wonky, but there's not a thing wrong with the frames or glass.  The piece between the windows is a scrap of 5/4 decking board.  The vertical trim board on the left is a pressure-treated 1x6 that I used to hold pots on my nursery bench ... the piece on the right is new, because I ran out of my salvaged 1x6s. 

Ventilation is essential in a greenhouse.  There has to be a way to vent the building to keep temperatures under control.  In winter, I use an automatic venting system on a thermostat, with intake vents that open and an exhaust fan in the eaves of the west wall.  In summer, this system isn't adequate to counteract the summer heat and more intense sunshine ... so I needed something more. 

Plastic greenhouses can have sides that roll up for ventilation.  I'm accomplishing pretty much the same thing with hinges so I can open the second row of windows.

I hung my stained glass back up as soon as I could, to keep it out of the construction.
I would be so disappointed in myself if I let anything happen to it.

Isn't that a wonderful view!

I have to make another run to Lowes this morning. (two 12-foot pressure-treated 2x4s on this trip)  I have been there every day this week to get supplies.  This is what tends to happen on a project where I'm almost designing it as I go.  I'm thankful that the store is only 6 miles away.

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  1. Oh hey, it looks amazing! I'm impressed!

  2. You GO GIRL !!!!

    Excited & happy for you. Ha, proud too.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  3. Pretty view!! I am thinking when you are done with it~ you can come over the the homestead & built me one~ giggles~
    It looks wonderful!!

  4. Very impressive, Connie. What did you do for the foundation?

  5. The foundation is another testament to recycling ... it's made of stacked 6x6 timbers, which began life as someone's retaining wall. When someone asks if you'd like a pick-up truckload of 6x6s, the answer is always an enthusiastic "YES!". (those things are about $40 each if you had to go to the store and buy them new.)

  6. Oh Connie this is turning out so well. I love the look, the stained glass pieces and that view!

  7. Veo que te está quedando de maravilla, se ve muy bien. Saludos

  8. I love how this is turning out. I'd love to have something like this one day. Can't wait to see the finished product:-)


  9. That is absolutely AMAZING!! What a gorgeous greenhouse and I am so impressed with your talent and creativity. The stained glass windows are beautiful and that view is breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  10. OK, you have to see that movie!

    The GH is gorgeous! I see a multitude of layers in velvet and silk. Covering gorgeous shabby pieces. And a chandelier hanging in the middle so at night it looks like a princess cottage made of glass...

    Oh, wait. It's for plants isn't it?

    It is quite spectacular, Connie!
    You hands ROCK!
    xo, misha

  11. I love it! If reincarnation exists, I wanna be like you in my next life.

  12. Wow I love it and that you are doing most of it yourself. Looks so much better then a hoop house.

  13. Its a spectacular view!! I love greenhouses that size. I always wished I had a little shop just like that to puttering around in. You are doing a great job.

  14. This is great ! I love it when a woman is not afraid of power tools!
    You are doing a wonderful job !

  15. Absolutely amazing! What an accomplishment and it is so attractive.

  16. Wow- IT is moving right along and I LOVE it! But not nearly as much as you do, I bet! xo Diana

  17. I absolutely love this!! What an incredible greenhouse and location! I would love having something so charming~thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday!

  18. Amazing! You are doing a fabulous job. This will be so lovely.


  19. Oh, that is going to be a gorgiffic greenhouse, I can tell! I love, love, love the stained glass... You will have beautiful indoor rainbows all winter!


  20. Your greenhouse project is just GORGEOUS!!! What a great building you have put up!

  21. OMG... I'm so impressed with your green house and the view from the inside might just have you putting your bed out there!
    Great job!!

  22. a wonderful view!

    visiting via romantichome and invite you to my giveaway here:



  23. You and your project are amazing. This is a large and impressive undertaking to handle basically on you on!

    Thank you for linking your exciting project to Potpourri Friday!

  24. This is an an amazing project, I love it. How wonderful that you have done most of this yourself. Looking forward to seeing it done, will be your newest follower, Laura - Cottage and Broome

  25. Found your blog through 2805. I am amazed the work you have done on the greenhouse. My sister also builds and renovates on her own and I am always in awe! I will be reading your blog to get caught up. Following you, Diane

  26. Connie!
    You have blown me away!
    I am so impressed. This is so lovely and I cannot believe you knew how to do this! I need someone to teach me how to build or maybe I should join a Habitat for Humanity group to get some building experience.
    You are truly amazing and gifted!
    Great job! Love the windows... and the VIEW~

  27. New follower!! You had me at "greenhouse". That is stunning and the view is fantastic. Would love for you to come by my blog for a visit.

  28. I loved the greenhouse so much I featured it on my blog. Also mentioned it on my FB page.

  29. Sheesh, and I thought I was doing well with my little baby greenhouse!! What a gorgeous place you've built.

    I'm your newest fan!

  30. I absolute adore it! I found you via another blog and am so glad I did. You've got a nice place here. Hope you don't mind if I put my feet up and stay a bit.

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  31. This is just fabulous, and kudos to you for doing the work yourself!! Great job!

  32. This is totally wonderful. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!!


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