Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greenhouse: West Wall Windows

The weather was favorable for outdoor work yesterday afternoon, and I spent that time working to install as many windows as I could in the greenhouse.  All of the windows on the west wall are now in place!

Here is a little 'time lapse' to show you how things progressed.

Step One ... installation of header trim and vertical trim pieces (to which the windows are actually attached).

Step Two ... first row of windows finished!

Step Three ... bottom row of windows installed ... held in place by hinges so they are operable for ventilation.

This is where we stand as of 5:30 yesterday evening.  The north wall will be my next objective.

I am totally thrilled with the way this project is coming out. With every window I install, this building looks more and more like the picture of it that is in my imagination. What looked functional and a bit shabby for three years, framed and sealed in greenhouse plastic ...

... looked like this when I finished for the day yesterday.

Progress has been slower than I am comfortable with.  Working with salvaged materials, turning someone else's trash into a new structure, takes a bit more figuring than straight-forward construction with new materials.  I think I have the hang of it now. 

If you are joining this project for the first time, here are some links to posts that will get you caught up on the story:

... and here are a couple of posts that show what the greenhouse REALLY used to look like, when I did a series of posts in 2009 to show how I winterized it.

We had our first hard freeze earlier this week, and it is imperative that I keep plugging away to get the greenhouse sealed up so I can safely stow the baby roses away for the winter as soon as I can.

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  1. Connie, this is fantastic. Are you doing the work yourself? You go girl. We have saved a bunch of windows for my husband to build a small greenhouse for me some day. Thanks for sharing at wow.

  2. You've made a lot of progress, give yourself credit for that! I hope you get those baby roses in their new house before Winter really comes roaring in.

  3. Great job, it is looking fantastic!


  4. Weather report says rain on FRIDAY! GO GIRL GO!

  5. Wow! What a huge difference! I'm loving all the salvaged windows and how stylish they're making the greenhouse. What a fantastic way to repurpose them.

  6. I envy your talents! I hope your building it to stand up to the next earthquake. Looks great so far, can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Hard freeze... already? Here's to favorable weather to git 'er done!

  8. El invernadero está quedando muy bien, que bueno que está consiguiendo tenerlo como usted lo ha imaginado. Es un gran trabajo. Saludos

  9. This is looking fabulous already, Connie...what a wonderful project!

  10. Love your greenhouse! Much better than mine. I always wanted to make one out of old salvaged windows, but that takes years of collecting. With your rose business, I'm sure you'll put yours to good use. Anxious to see it all done.

  11. Connie- I can't believe how far you are with this project. It looks wonderful! You must be sooo excited! xo Diana

  12. What a dream project,
    Connie! So happy that
    you were able to make
    it come true. It's going
    to be one amazing structure
    when it is finished!

    xx Suzanne

  13. Your projects are always amazing! :-)

  14. Your greenhouse is dreamy, Connie. I love, love, love greenhouses! Your salvage, secondhand one really does look like a million bucks. Excellent plan and great job implementing it. Hard freeze? Hurry, hurry.

  15. Great post. Great greenhouse. I love flowers.

  16. Wow! This is just what I want to do. We were recently fortunate enough to get a gas well and free gas on our farm so now I can have a bigger greenhouse. Mine will not look like yours, I'm sure--yours is absolutely lovely.

    Now to go look at your roses website. I need some heritage varieties :)

  17. Oh, what a fantastic greenhouse.....wish I had one too! Love the use of the old windows. very pretty.


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