Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's No Such Thing as 'More Ruined'

This is my favorite camera.  I used to take it everywhere with me, either in my purse or in my pocket.

This is what happened to it last fall when I sat on the gravel path of the Rose Field with it in my back pocket.  The camera itself still works perfectly, but the LCD display is cracked and I can't see what I'm photographing.  Notice that this camera doesn't have a viewfinder that you can look through.

I can't get a new camera because Canon doesn't make this one anymore.  The model that replaces it is $$$$. 

I have another camera.  My Nikon D70 (D-SLR) takes fabulous photographs. I use it for all of the macro rose photos you see here and on the web site.  It's just not as easy to take it with me, and I can't get the really wide-angle photos that I can with my Canon.

I've made do with only my Nikon for months now, because the camera shop wanted way too much to repair the Canon.  One day, while googling to see if I could get a good deal on a used camera, I came across a web site that showed me step-by-step how to repair the one I have.

Here's the replacement part ... $35 from an on-line dealer.  Later today, I'll get my 'good' glasses and a little screwdriver and see what I can do.

Remember ...

There's no such thing as more ruined. 

I can't make it worse by trying to fix it.

Wish me luck.

Edited to add:

I fixed it!!!  When I first installed the new LCD and turned on the camera, all I had was a white screen ... no picture display or menu.  I had to disassemble and reassemble it three times before I figured out that I didn't have one of the ribbon cables locked into place correctly.  Thank goodness my husband had one of those fluorescent light/magnifier things in his workshop.  There's no way I could have worked with such tiny parts without it.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)
Canon SD750 LCD replacement replace display


  1. I know how attached you can become to a camera, mine is like a faithful sidekick and I'd hate to think of what would happen if it broke! I hope you are able to make a successful repair of your beloved little camera!

    Kat :)

  2. Wow, that is wonderful!

    My camera has become like a friend to me too. I've become ridiculously attached to it.

  3. I had a similar problem when mine was stolen at the end of a vacation. I was able to replace mine the exact model by going on e-bay. Have you tried that. You might find that not only can you get it you can get it cheaply. Just a thought.


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