Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Say No to Roses in Bags!

While I was out running errands earlier today, I stopped into Big Lots to pick up a couple of things.  Right inside the front door, on an end cap of summer-related items, I saw this:

There is so much wrong with this picture ... I hardly know where to begin.

It's WAY too early in the year to be buying and/or planting bare root roses in this neck of the woods.  Planting season here begins at the end of March.

Who knows how long these little guys have been inside of a dark box. What would normally be healthy new growth is blanched and stretching to reach the light.  This display was not there when I was in the store last week ... and roses should never be inside the building in the first place. 

Almost all of their roots are chopped off so they'll fit inside these skinny little plastic bags.  It's a very efficient (in other words, cheap) way to package and transport roses, but a bad way to prepare them for someone's garden.

There were familiar names like Queen Elizabeth, Miss All American Beauty, Joseph's Coat, Peace, Chrysler Imperial, and others.  One may even get the notion to buy some and 'save' them from their torture.  After all, Grandma grew them ...


Imagine this scenario ....

A beginning rose gardener decides to take a chance and buy some $3 roses.  The roses struggle and fail to thrive.  The gardener shoulders the blame, figuring that the roses aren't growing well because of something he/she must be doing wrong. 

Where he/she went wrong was by buying roses that are probably not healthy in the first place.  All the ground preparation, fertilizer, fungicide, and care in the world won't make a healthy rose out of an unhealthy, damaged rose.

Don't be tempted by what appears to be a bargain.

A $3 rose is NOT a bargain.

Roses are a long-term investment in your garden.  Buy healthy stock from someone who guarantees the quality of their product. 

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. This is so wrong on so many levels, but I especially love how they are thrown in the bins like some cheap plastic impulse purchase from China.


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