Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Roses on Wednesday

I  am sorry to have to tell you this ... are you sitting down?  These are the last of my white flowers photographs.  I searched all of my photo folders, and there's no more.  One last dozen ...

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler.  I saw photos of this once-blooming rose cascading from trees, and I fell in love.  Here, I have it planted at the base of a wild cherry tree beside the driveway, and it's happily scrambling toward the top.

Rosa Macrantha.  You know how much I love singles and stamens.  Isn't this beautiful?

Moonlight ... I have shown this rose before.  It's so photogenic.

Madame Plantier.  Pure white flowers, pale green leaves, nearly thornless canes and stems, good disease resistance ... this Alba hybrid rose is practically perfect.  Give her space, because she can become a big girl.

Dagmar Spaeth is a lovely smaller floribunda.  Sometimes her white flowers will have a small red stripe or two.

Secret Garden Noisette, found rose.  This class of rose was very popular in the early/mid 1800's ... and there have been many unidentified Noisettes discovered in abandoned sites over the years.  This one was found in the same garden as the more-well-known rose, Secret Garden Musk Climber.

Haywood Hall, another found rose.  I grow this one on a rebar tripod in my front border ... it blooms like crazy and smells wonderful.

White Killarney ... a color sport of Killarney, the famous pink hybrid tea rose from 1898.  I love the form of these early hybrid teas.

I think I might have used this photo of Leda in a Friday Flowers post a few weeks ago ... I love it so much, I'll use it here, too

Souvenir de la Maimaisson isn't really white.  The flowers bleach out a bit in the hot sun, and this photo made it look almost white.  SDLM, as it's abbreviated, doesn't like cool, damp weather ... but it's a fabulous rose in the heat of July, when many other roses are suffering.

I forgot to take a photo of the label for this rose, and I have no idea which one it is.

Our final white rose is Silver Moon.  Pure white flowers (which I love), simple single form (swoon) and look at those stamens.

I was thinking ... if I had been on the ball earlier this week, I would have gone out to the garden while we had snow and taken White Wednesday snow pictures.  Winter is just beginning, so I'll make a note to do that the next time we have snow.  (wink wink)

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)

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  1. Nooooo. I love your white flower photographs! Well, the last dozen were gorgeous.
    I'm looking forward to your snow pics!


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