Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photography Workshop ... Project #3

This week's assignment was more difficult ... I took the time to do it correctly this time.  Here's exactly what we were supposed to do:

"Select a theme like simplicity,serenity, happiness,excitement or loneliness. Next go for a walk and only take pictures that fit into your theme. Create a set of 10 such photos. While this sounds simple it is more difficult than it seems. It will be hard not to photograph other things, but this focused approach will heighten your senses. It will also develop patience and the drive to look and hard for that particular theme."  Chris Orwig- Visual Poetry

My theme is Peace.

I started photographing in the house ... there's nothing much more peaceful than sleeping cats.  I then drove to Culpeper to take my mother to lunch (stopping along the way to photograph whatever I saw that fit my theme).  I made a few stops on the way home, too.

Here are my photos, in the order I took them. 

Be sure to visit the other participants, to see which theme they chose.  For the list, click HERE.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog)


  1. Peacefulness... I especially like the one of the acorn. Well and the one with the cow hanging out by the tractor!

  2. Love the cow and cat!
    A river is so wonderful peaceful :)

  3. There was something about that little acorn, sitting on the moss with the twigs ... and the lighting was perfect. I practically took my life in my hands at an intersection to get the photo of the cow.

    You're talking about the first cat photo, I'll bet. I cheated a little ... it's easy to get REALLY close to a deaf cat.

  4. Yes the first one!
    Is he deaf? Then he never catch mouses....?
    A sleeping cat is always easy to photograph ;)

  5. I think you did a great job...your message really comes thru very clear.Nice work. I feel peaceful when i see your thoughtful and creative images.Awesome.

  6. Those really are some peaceful sleeping kitties....and that cow beside the tractor is super!!! Your images are very peaceful indeed!
    love, sara

  7. At first I was going to guess "life", but picturing peace as an intricate part of life is very powerful. I love the sleeping cat picture. I also really like to pull over in my car sometimes to snap pictures.


  8. This did my wandering heart good. I wonder what the bricks held up before the bench? Is this near a battlefield?
    I would say that if I were to come to this planet as a cat I would want to be yours.
    Peaceful is the right word.

  9. Such diversity...all singing the same song! Really well done!!

  10. a friend sent this to me and i wanted to write to say wonderful! my favorites are the first cat and the river. nice work.

    chris orwig

  11. The cemetery and the bench are at the (pre-Civil War) church down the road from me. I live in a very historic area.

    Some days, I'd like to be one of my own cats. They're completely spoiled.

    Chris, I'm humbled. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    BTW, my favorite is the one with the cow. I really like cows ... and the rusty tractor ain't half bad either.


  12. I'm a kitty person, so you had me hook, line and sinker with the first image!! Perfect!! I really like how so many different types of images all portrayed 'peace'! Excellent series!!

  13. How many ways to say peace? That would be a good project for each one of us. Nice work.

  14. ahhhh peace. for sure it shows through here. and could peace shine any more than through a sleeping cat???

    love the acorn shot, but i'm partial to anything on moss. i could photograph it everyday of the year.


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