Thursday, August 13, 2009

Closed this Weekend.

I hope there aren’t many of you who were planning to visit this weekend, because I won’t be here. Friends and I are going to West Virginia for two days of much-anticipated R & R.

There haven’t been many visitors for the past few Saturdays. I guess it’s part of the process of building the business and my reputation. Once the rose community knows I’m here, things should pick up. Besides, it’s August and it’s hot ... but summer is the perfect time to plant potted roses. I have some I’m going to plant later this morning.

The garden looks really good. The Chinas and Teas and Polyanthas in the rose field, and the Hybrid Teas in the front bed, are blooming like crazy.

I will be taking my show on the road, doing two plant sales in September: Hartwood Days Festival at Hartwood Presbyterian Church on September 12, and the Fall Sale at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden on Friday and Saturday, September 18 and 19.

Summer weekend traffic on I-95 has caused problems for some of the people who come from northern Virginia on Saturdays. Last weekend was particularly bad. I’m here most of the time, anyway … so why not come during the week? I’ve always advertised that I’m open by appointment during the week, but only one person has taken advantage of that. Give me a call or send an email, and I’ll be sure to be here for you.

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  1. Your not the only one, our nursery work has consisted of a lot of watering and standing around this past month. there is nearly no business this time of year. Im an expert stander now.


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