Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Snapshot: Game Camera, Ruby, and Figs

My old, trusty Bushnell Trail camera died recently.  It served me well for a number of years, even though I didn't treat it very kindly.  I often left it out all year round, sometimes forgetting to latch the cover to keep out the weather.  Last week, I made a trip to Cabela's and bought a new one.  I have promised myself to take better care of it this time.

This motion-activated automatic camera is used by many people to monitor game for hunting season.  I use mine to see what kind of critters pass through parts of the property when people aren't around.  For the past week, I have had it back by the figs at the barn to assess the effectiveness of my neighbor's war on our plague of groundhogs.  I am pleased to report that only harmless varmints were recorded in the area.

Guinea hen photo bomb

All three Guineas.  They live at the farm behind us.

Ruby and me, yesterday afternoon, on our way to harvest figs.

This is the first decent fig harvest for me in three years.  We had two unseasonably-cold, awful winters in a row, that killed the plants to the ground.  Figs are produced on wood from the previous year.  No older wood = little or no fruit.  Last winter was a bit milder and the fig plants suffered little damage.  As a result, it appears that I will get a decent amount of fruit.  

This was yesterday's harvest ... 21 figs!  At this rate, I should soon have enough to make jam!!

Ruby ... this dog loves being a farm dog!  She was interested in figs as I was picking them, so I offered her one.  She carefully took it, like she does with all treats, and walked a short distance away.  I went back to picking.  Instead of eating it, she dropped her fig and the ground and proceeded to roll on it.  What a weird dog.

Just a little slice of Hartwood for you on this cloudy, cool Sunday morning.  I hope that things are just as peaceful where you are.

Happy Sunday!


  1. HA! Funny that she rolled on the fig. Our dogs have never had figs, but my gutt feeling is that Izzy would eat them since she loves just about any kind of fruit or veggie fresh from the garden, on a bush, or a low hanging tree. She would do well if ever she needed to survive in the wild. LOL

    1. Ruby eats fruit, too, so I had no reason to think that she wouldn’t eat the fig … especially since she took it like it was a treat.

  2. Ruby doesn't bother the guineas? I'm surprised. We had them at the lake house and my dogs wouldn't shut up when they came in the yard. They wanted to chase them.

    1. I have no doubt that Ruby would at least run toward the guineas if they were in the same vicinity at the same time. That hasn't happened yet. She does chase squirrels and groundhogs, with my blessing.

  3. figs cost $50 a kilo where I live! x


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