Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday, Monday

I had the house to myself today.  This is a bit of a treat, since my husband works from home and is here all the time.  What did I do all day?  Come along and I will show you.

I got out early and I unloaded the last few wheelbarrow loads of mulch from my truck.  

All empty ... but not for long.  I'm gonna need a LOT more mulch.

I spread that mulch on the rose border that I have been working on in the front yard.  I had already pulled the weeds, trimmed the roses, and laid landscape fabric in this section.  (a post about doing this, with before and after photos, is HERE).  I'm getting pretty close to being finished with this garden, thank goodness.  I think it's looking awesome, if I do say so myself.

There are a few empty spots in this garden, and I put in two new roses ... from the batch that I propagated last fall from the collection at Monticello's Tufton Farm.  (That post is HERE.)  These new roses are small right now, but they will grow and get bigger pretty quickly.  

"Ruth's Wavy Leaf Noisette"

"Aunt Louisa Rose"

The edges of our driveway and some other areas of the property needed some attention, so I mixed up and applied two gallons of herbicide.  It's best to kill the poison ivy sprouts, thistles, and other nasties while they are small.

I have been replacing the brick edging on the front Hybrid Tea garden, using the same blocks that I showed you earlier.  I finished the day by working on this for a couple of hours.  The bricks had sunk into the ground and were uneven, and the mulch would spill out.  I'm really liking the cohesive look of having the same edging on all of the beds on that side of the yard.  Pull up bricks, scrape and dig a little bit to make a nice trench, set new blocks in place ... over and over.

New blocks and old bricks.

This is a good view of before and after, of a section of the garden that I did last week.

The bricks that I'm taking up are antique bricks that I have collected over the years.  There are these that have edged this garden, and some others in small piles here and there throughout the property.  Where can we store them so they're all together and not piled somewhere in the way?  Store them in plain sight, of course ... laid over the ground cloth on the floor of the greenhouse's lean-to.  (Post about the lean-to is HERE.)  This is a temporary/permanent place for them, convenient and not in a pile.

I had no intention of doing so much today.  When I'm here by myself, I guess I get more accomplished because there's no one around to distract me.  

Just so you know, I'm NOT working outside tomorrow ... I'm tired.


  1. I have no idea how you even found the energy to share this in a post after your busy day... But exciting to accomplish so much!

    1. Some days, I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. Now, I’m sitting in a comfy chair, with a cat in my lap, after a nice dinner, with an empty beer bottle on the table beside me.

  2. Connie ~ You are one hard worker and are getting a lot accomplished. I like your new block edging, but those old bricks are lovely too. This post was inspiring to me to get out and work in my own gardens, in the mornings when it is cooler out.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

    1. It was hot and humid here yesterday ... not as hot as you get down there, though. As I worked, I was chasing the shade from area to area so I didn't overheat or sunburn. Working on the edging of that one garden was a perfect way to finish the day, because I was sitting down and scooting along on the seat of my pants.

  3. All looks great. So...I know just because you will not be outside today does not mean you will rest. Wonder what creations you'll be working on inside?!

    1. You know my MO very well, don’t you. Today is a day to catch up on things. Winnie had a vet appointment this morning, and now I’m off to restock our very-bare pantry and fridge. After that, I may do something really exciting … like laundry. Woo Hoo!

  4. When you're working by yourself you do not have to stop for lunch at a certain time. If you have to go into the house you do not have to linger. There are lots of reasons to get a bunch done!

    Your work is looking great! The open-garden you host is on my wishlist to visit!

    1. That's exactly how it works!

      BTW, you are welcome in my garden any day, any time ... no need to wait for an open garden if you're in the area.

  5. Oh WOW!
    I am loving how that brick edging looks.
    I have no one to distract me but myself! LOL! but once I get started outside, it seems the day just flies by.
    There's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment though.
    I'm putting up a fence and doing it in bits and pieces but my back is feeling it!
    Do be careful of your back!
    (Can't wait to see those roses when they get bigger!)

    1. I really like the new edging, too. We chose it because it is the cheapest, longest edge block that they had at Lowes … less $$ per foot is a good thing. It’s lucky that it looks good, too.

      It’s okay to have muscle soreness in your back. Balance it with core and balance work, and your whole self will be stronger as a result.

      I also can’t wait to see the roses get bigger! Lots of people recommend coddling them in pots till they get larger. I find that they do better for me if I plant them when they’re half-gallon size, shading them for a week or so if necessary, making sure that they are kept watered.

      Good luck with your fence.

  6. Looks really good! Now you can rest up and admire your handiwork!! I love having the house to myself, and I always get more accomplished when I'm alone too, nobody around to distract I guess. Did you put a border all around your brick patio? If not, how will you keep the bricks in place?

    1. Thanks!! The floor of the lean-to already had one of those L-shaped plastic borders that comes in a roll, held in place with landscape staples. It was there to keep the lawnmower from chewing up the ground cloth. Works well to hold the bricks in place, too.


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