Tuesday, March 3, 2015

She's a Very Stinky Girl ...

Winnie got a bath yesterday.  She really needed it.  Wearing a sweater like she does 24/7 during the fall and winter, she gets pretty 'fragrant'.  I bathe her in the kitchen sink, with a bar of organic herbal pet shampoo, and I rinse her under the faucet.  (Sorry that there are no photos of the actual bath to show you, since I was home alone at the time.)

"Bath time?  Oh, no."

Today, Winnie smells awesome ... and I have been singing her my own version of the classic Rick James song (as it is in the title of this post).  There might also be some dancing involved.

All together now .... "She's a very stinky girl ....."  (Rick James video HERE)

Sweet, patient Winnie.


  1. Ah, but they know when we're trying to help them.

  2. LOL-Winnie looks like she smells good from here. lol xo Diana

  3. She will never let your spirits down...

  4. Does she smell of roses? That would be so appropriate with your business.

  5. Just don't let her outside, because she's sure to find some 'stinky' something or other to roll around in to feel more comfortable. :-)

    She's adorable and they do smell so good after a bath.



  6. LOVE your 'Winnie" posts, but you probably already know how much we love that sweetie. Now she is all soft and fluffy as we say to our animals here.

  7. When I saw and listened to the video I remembered the song, I never liked it.
    The version of ´she´s a very stinky girl´is much better, haha. Well, I understand Winnie is smelling lovely now, much better than the old dog smell. Snarf hates bathing and cleaning paws, but he is not smelling bad yet, yes muddy, but that´s what I like.....

  8. She is so cute! I bet she is a good girl about the bath...yes? no? LOL.

  9. She's a very stinky girl.... the kind you don't take home to mother... LOL She is such a sweet puppy dog, stinky or not.


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