Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thirty Days of Mr. Rogers ... Day Five

Mr. Rogers said, "Development comes from within.  Nature does not hurry but advances slowly."  

I often find Alice and Dorothy like this, cuddled up together in some snuggly spot.   

"When I was young (about eight or ten years old), I was trying to learn so many things all at once, things like the piano and organ and algebra and cooking and typing, and I even started to take clarinet lessons.  But I just didn't practice the clarinet, so I didn't learn.  I think I wanted to learn by magic.  I think that I had the idea that if I got the clarinet I would somehow know how to play it.  But magic doesn't work with learning, not with anything really worthwhile."

Nothing much better than having a sunny spot and a human to share it with at naptime, says Ruby.

Me:  I really relate to these quotes.  There are times when I want so badly to be able to do everything ... either everything at the same time or instantly being proficient at something, no matter if I've done it before or not.  Things take time, and they almost always require learning and practice.  Instant gratification is a tempting idea, but it rarely comes about in real life.  Most of the time I have to remember that it's best to take things at their natural pace and go with it.

During the month of November, I plan to share wisdom from Mr. Rogers with you each day (from the book "The World According to Mr. Rogers") ... Mr. Rogers's words accompanied by everyday images from life here at Hartwood Manor ... this place that I am blessed to call HOME.


  1. Oh how I love Mr. Rogers! Even more so as an adult!
    I adore these images of your beautiful friends as well!



  2. All you would have to do is poke your head in my craftroom and you would know that i want to do EVERYTHING..... I guess i'll be a Jill of all trades and Master of I see his wisdom though.. :) Hugs! deb

  3. I wanted to try everything too, but had to settle back then so I'm making up for lost time now!

  4. Excellent words November. A month to slow down before the December rush to the end of the year and on to a new year of new beginnings. Thank you and the wonderful Mr. Rogers.


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