Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enjoying the View

Yesterday afternoon, I took some much needed time to rest.  I sat in my favorite chair in the family room, worked on a sweater that I am knitting, watched a program about Titanic on the History Channel, and enjoyed the view.

I played with this photo using PicMonkey ... I like the Museum Frame effect.

The windows in this old house of ours are huge (I can stand in them, and I'm 5' 7"), and they are placed high on the walls (which captures wonderful tree and sky views).  The windowsills are favorite places for the cats to sit and watch birds or to nap in the sunshine ... as demonstrated by Alice.

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. That is a gorgeous view. I also like looking in from the outside, especially when it is going dark, rooms seem to take on a cozy feel, no matter what they look like.

  2. And you as well. I agree, as summer heat comes on, I spend more and more time inside looking out. Currently reading "The Curious Gardener" by Pavord.

  3. What incredible windows you have! Indeed, a great spot for a cat nap.

  4. Not only do you have great windows, you have great views! I'd be seeing my neighbors house.

  5. The perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon---- I think I'd just stay there all day!!

  6. I would sit there all day long if I were a cat at your house. They just don't build houses like that anymore.


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