Friday, June 8, 2012

Evening Storm

Last night, as I was making a late dinner, the sky grew ominously dark toward the northwest ... a storm was coming.

See the rain falling in the distance?

As long as I am safe inside my house, I really enjoy a good thunderstorm ... the ones that rain and flash and pass quickly, not the ones that bring destruction and power outages.

We had wind and thunder and lightning for a short time, then the storm moved past and the sun returned. 

There's another storm on the horizon, but that one went to our north.

Today is a beautiful day.  The gardens are watered and the ground is soft, and I can hope to make some progress clearing weeds. 


  1. I sent you that rainshower from my house... You're welcome! We had the same pretty shower here, just kind of came and went and then a rainbow and it was all so magically delicious for a few minutes...

  2. My mom called early this morning and when she does that I know something is wrong. She said they had a horrendous hail storm last night that stripped the trees. When it does that, it is BAD. I live an hour away, so it didn't come here. She is quite disappointed that all the things we planted for her were destroyed. Hope you don't have hail storms like that where you live.♥♫

  3. Oh how I wish we had summer storms like that on a regular basis. We normally don't, but earlier this week we had one that poured for a brief time and then the sun came out later in the afternoon. It's wonderful when nature softens the ground for you isn't it?

  4. I love those storms too....

    ..and I found out the reason my knockout roses weren't looking all that great ... too much mulch choking them, and too much rosetone at their base, instead of scattered and churned in at the drip line. You learn something new everyday.

  5. I had one, too! We got more lightning than rain, but oooooh the light show!

  6. Wow, that did look ominous, Connie. Tis the season, huh? Don'tcha just love it when they water your gardens and then casually pass on by leaving the sun to shine again. :)

    Hey, I wanted to let you know that my little white roses that I purchased from you (can't remember their names now) are happily blooming and are just gorgeous! So cute! Thanks again for the recommendation! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. I LOVE a good thunderstorm, too. We are really needing some rain here, Connie- so if you get some extra blow it this way- xo Diana

  8. I too enjoy the drama of a good thunderstorm, if only they weren't so destructive.
    I am also hoping to make progress in the garden today, as it has finally stopped raining here.


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